Business Resources

Business Resources

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For the most part, Mountain Village is comprised of small businesses and startup business (which are often small, too). Both are important, though they have different needs and contribute to the community and its economy in different ways. With that, we have complied a list of resources for you to tap into to make your venture and its journey as seamless as possible.

Helpful Resources

If you are interested in starting a business in Mountain Village, please contact us so we can help you navigate through the process and connect you with the right people. We’ve also provided a list of resources that could prove useful through the process of starting and operating a business for years to come.


  1. Colorado Business Resource Book
  2. Launch West Co
  3. Proximity Space Coworking & Events
  4. Region 10 Business Loan Fund
  5. Region 10 Business Tax Credits
  6. Small Business Development Center Consulting (free)
  7. Small Business Resource Center Classes
  8. Southwest Innovation Corridor
  9. Telluride Angels
  10. Telluride Entrepreneurs Meetup 
  12. Telluride Venture Accelerator
  13. Telluride Venture Fund
  14. Wilkinson Public Library Online Classes (free)
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