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Robert Baker is a Native native to the Rocky Mountain regional living within the Southern Ute Indian tribal land. Baker haa been a film photographer since the early 1980s, digital photography and video in the late 1990s and created some Ute Indian educational and informational DVD for his tribe. Every day is a good day to experience life and take in the natural beauty if our world.

Robert Baker is a Southern Ute Indian Tribal member from Durango, Colorado. He started photography while in High School in Durango and was self-taught after finding a film 35MM camera and a portable darkroom at a summer garage sell. Soon afterward buying 100 ft roll of black and white film and learning from trial and error in film and photo paper. His first job was at a full supplied photography store that had mostly everything a B/W and color film from 35MM to 4x5 sheet film and printing paper. Another progression of his photography knowledge was working at a commercial and professional supply store in LA, CA where glamour and studio photographers came to do business. For several years, he worked as a photographer and darkroom technician for the Southern Ute Drum Newspaper and during his time there earned an award for his work. Understanding digital media in the modern world is a needed understanding and usage. At present he still use both film and digital medium. His other job ranged from National Forest fire suppression crew to food service as a server but his passion for images also including video production work. As Native American Indian, NAI, He has participated as a Man Fancy Dancer in local and regional NAI Pow Wow and enjoy the time, place, and cultural events. At these events he finds inspiration of all the people, cultural identity, and scene to NAI way of life. These moments in time makes great images to capture. Growing up in Durango and the surrounding area with all the different region or seasonal area and place also captured these scenes in images or video. Over the many years he has been archiving his work and would love to share his view of the world he has seen. His public viewing of his work has been seen only a few times in public invites and now looking forward to submitting application to other shows in the fall and coming next year. He hopes you enjoy his type of photography and the rich culture of the Indigenous people of the Americas and Southwestern USA area. Enjoy and be bless with every new day.

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Cool Bobcat Phootography
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