Juno Freeze Dried

Location: Mountain Village

Fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of the season and perfectly preserved. Perfect for hiking, biking, camping or whatever you might be getting into ... even just snacking in the car. We also have spices, meals, and confectionaries.

Our business started 10 years ago as a small farm, producing just enough to take some to market. As we grew more, we started looking for ways to store the excess. Freeze drying was by far the best method. The fruit was lighter, tastier, and didn't lose any nutritional value, not to mention super convenient to take out camping or on an impromptu ATV trip. what was originally a little personal experiment, eventually grew into a full fledged business. Now we make all kinds of freeze dried goodies, from fruits and veggies to meals!

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Juno Freeze Dried
Heritage Plaza
Mountain Village, CO Get Directions

Hours of Operation

Market on the Plaza

11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

*Hours may vary during holidays and shoulder seasons.