Your Burning Questions Answered

These questions and answers apply to Bruin Waste residential customers only.

Trash is picked up between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. You must have your trash out by 7 a.m. to avoid a missed pickup. If your trash was not picked up, call your service provider to find out why and to arrange a pickup for the next day, if desired. Charges may apply for a next-day pickup if your trash container was not out when service was provided in your neighborhood.

The only holiday that this holds true for is Christmas. So if Christmas falls on a Monday, your trash will be picked up on Tuesday.

On-route service means your trash and recycling pickups occur every Monday automatically, unless you have temporarily suspended your service. On-call service means you call every time you want a trash pickup. Calls for pickups must be made at least one day in advance, and pickups may be requested for any day but Saturday and Sunday. Fees will apply for on-call pickups.

Yes, on-route customers have the option to suspend service while they are gone. The minimum monthly charge of $8.75 will still apply to ensure your account remains active.

Trash service charges are billed one month in arrears.

Yes, garage-side pickup is offered to all Mountain Village residents, but you must call your service provider to establish this service. Fees will apply. You should note that this service is weather-permitting. Driveways must be plowed wide and deep enough for the service truck to navigate your driveway without issue. If a driveway is too narrow or landscaping (trees, rocks, walls, etc.) prevents easy access, Bruin will not offer this service for that particular address.

If you are unsure if a specific material can be recycled do not place the questionable item in your recycle container. As a reminder, it is mandatory to recycle glass, plastic 1-7, aluminum, paper and cardboard.

Except for the 18-gallon recycle container, all containers are equipped with a lid and wheels. Lids are provided for the 18-gallon recycle container upon request.