Whistling Squirrel Farm LLC

Location: Mountain Village

Whistling Squirrel Farm is a family owned and operated lavender farm focused on sustainability and wellness. We create wellness products from our lavender, other herbs, and flowers. Our crops are grown using environmentally sustainable and regenerative methods aimed at conserving water and limiting waste. We want our consumers to benefit from natural herbal properties and for our agriculture to support—not harm—our planet.

Named for our founders (Rand whistles while he works and Kate, well, she’s a bit of a squirrel), Whistling Squirrel Farm is a family owned-and-operated lavender farm in Southwest Colorado. Growing up on a ranch, Kate always dreamed of having wild land to call her home. In 2017, she and Rand bought their property and transitioned the existing alfalfa fields to lavender. Kate thought it would be prettier, in addition to conserving water. Being allergic to hay, Rand agreed this was an A+ idea. In 2022, they invited their youngest daughter, Claire, to join the team as their Production and Marketing Manager. She eagerly jumped at the opportunity. Since vanquishing a cancer diagnosis in late adolescence, Claire had searched for meaning and joy in her career and life. At Whistling Squirrel Farm, we believe that life can be beautiful, that the habits and rituals we partake in shape the way we feel, and that we all deserve to live healthily—even the planet. We invite you to take a moment to enjoy the beauty surrounding you, cultivate your well-being, and whistle while you work.

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Whistling Squirrel Farm LLC
Heritage Plaza
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Hours of Operation

Market on the Plaza

11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

*Hours may vary during holidays and shoulder seasons.