Fiber Internet

Fiber to the Home

The Town of Mountain Village has upgraded its internet infrastructure from cable to a fiber service now offering high speed 1-gigabit internet to Mountain Village properties. 

Is your property ready for fiber internet?

As many of our residents and broadband customers are aware, the Town of Mountain Village has made significant investments in our community to bring high-speed 1-gigabit fiber internet to our community over the past few years.

The construction and boring of the fiber line pathway and infrastructure was no small feat, but the broadband team is 99% complete with that work and now ready to get all of our customers switched over to the new system.

Some properties still require additional construction or installation to accommodate the new technology. In order for property owners to better understand what they need to do to connect to the fiber system, the Town is pleased to launch a new website to assist customers with this switch. The Broadband team and is also eager to retire our aging cable internet system and will soon set a deadline for turning it off completely.

We ask that all customers who have not made the switch yet to please enter your property address below to learn what your home needs in order to be connected.

Over the course of several years, every house, condominium, townhouse, hotel and business will be upgraded to a fiber connection. Inside each of these structures, an internet box will be installed by the Town of Mountain Village connecting them to our fiber network. For techies reading this, the internet box is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Please contact Jory Hasler with questions regarding fiber construction and fiber installation.

Please note: the Town will bring fiber to the primary residence (or one location) on each property through resident-provided infrastructure. Residents are also responsible for wiring within their residence and running fiber to additional locations within their property, this will require hiring an AV/IT company.