Fiber to the Premise

Fiber to the Home

The Town of Mountain Village is upgrading its internet infrastructure from cable service to a fiber service. The Town recently appropriated the necessary funds to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to deliver 1-gigabit internet to Mountain Village. Fiber cables are the only thing that can support the demand for higher speeds as well as the distance within networks.

Fiber is ready to be installed in certain neighborhoods, the Meadows neighborhood construction is complete. If you received information at your doorstep, please call (970) 369-0555 to learn more and schedule your installation.

Over the course of several years, every house, condominium, townhouse, hotel and business will upgrade to a fiber connection. Inside each of these structures, an internet box will be installed by the Town of Mountain Village connecting them to our fiber network. For techies reading this, the internet box is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Unfortunately, a small number of homes do not have conduit from the road to the house and will need new construction to get connected. The Town of Mountain will begin contacting these properties in early 2020 with information on how to prepare your home for this exciting new network. Review our preinstallation frequently asked questions for more information. The fiber construction will be broken down into various phases. As these phases progress, customers will be notified accordingly.

The first phase is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020. For a detailed look at where the fiber line is being installed, please view the map below:

Interactive Map

Project phases

This summer and fall the Boulders Prospect Plaza Shop Area (see area map) became a beta test site. Buildings inside the white hexagon in this map are eligible to participate. The Town of Mountain Village will be contacting these customers soon to provide more information on the project. These beta customers will test different internet boxes so that future customers will enjoy a fully tested experience. In return, those customers choosing to participate in the beta test project, we receive free internet, phone, and TV services during the testing period. Some internet boxes will also provide a secure WIFI connection for locally connected devices.


All homes in the beta test area are connected to the new network.


Fiber lines are being installed along Adams Ranch Road moving southwest toward Mountain Village Boulevard. The project is on schedule and residents will see crews and equipment along Adams Ranch Road.

What does it cost?

The Town of Mountain Village is currently working on different service offerings for customers. These various service offerings will include internet up to a full 1Gbps symmetrical (upload/download) connection, phone and television services. The Town Mountain Village’s current phone and TV services will migrate into the new fiber network. Customers who have these services will not need to do any equipment swapping.

The town and Lightworks are currently negotiating to further their partnership with Lightworks doing the work to bring the network into each home. Customers should expect an installation fee schedule based on their property, and the town will be conducting property surveys to determine cost estimates.

Mountain Village Fiber to Premise Rates

Fiber to Premise OptionDownload SpeedMonthly Rate
*option not available for multi-dwelling units
*option only available to previous Town of Mountain Village broadband customers.

Mountain Village Fiber to Premise Installation Rates

Home TypeConduit Install Required from Curb to HomeOptical Network Terminal (ONT) Install Required in HomeOne-time Cost
Multi-Dwelling UnitNOYES$95.00

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