Mountain Village Internet Packages


OptionsChoiceEntertainmentUltimateChoice Business
Price with cable TV$54.95$79.95$109.95$79.95
Price without cable TV$64.95$89.95$119With static IP address upon request
Download speeds (Mbps)20305025
Upload speeds (Mbps)4*5*10*5*
Modem rentalFreeFreeFreeFree
Inactive equipment$8.25/each/month$8.25/each/month$8.25/each/month$8.25/each/month
New connection$60/hour$60/hour$60/hour$60/hour
Change of service not requiring tech entry into home$25$25$25$25

* Upload speeds may vary.

Thirty-day satisfaction guaranteed. No contract required. No phone service needed.
Contact Customer Service at (970) 369-0555 24-hours a day, seven days a week to report internet trouble.
Mountain Village Cable Internet service is not wireless. A modem is provided at the time of service. Wireless devices are not sold or serviced.
A $50 deposit may be required. Charges will apply for equipment not returned.

For Cable & Internet Outages

In case of an outage, please contact (970) 369-0555.

Installation & Equipment Charges

We will provide you certain proprietary electronic equipment necessary to enjoy Mountain Village high-speed internet services; you may not sell this equipment at any time. Please review our Equipment User Agreement which outlines the main details including

  • Damage waiver
  • Delivery, use, care, replacement and right-of-entry
  • Equipment deposit
  • Failure to comply with commitments regarding use of equipment
  • Inactive equipment
  • Liquidated damages for failure to return DCT, HD box, DVR, modem or phone ATA
  • Payment for use of equipment

Since we charge for installation, you will want to review those details. We will make sure that the equipment is working properly once everything has been installed. If a problem does arise, we recommend you do some troubleshooting of your own prior to contacting us. This will save you money as we charge by the hour; a one-hour $58 minimum rate may apply. For those who live in Mountain Village part-time, you may disconnect your service temporarily at a rate of $8.25 per month per modem while service is inactive; you will be charged a $20 re-connection fee. To take advantage of this option, contact us.