Meadowlark at Mountain Village

Welcome to Meadowlark at Mountain Village, the future home of 29 condominiums and townhomes built in partnership between the Town of Mountain Village and Triumph West Development. 

Lot 644 is a 1.6-acre lot located in the Meadows neighborhood just above Parker Ridge. This parcel of land was designated for the development of deed-restricted housing in the early 1990s when Mountain Village was originally a planned unit development prior to the incorporation of Mountain Village.

The Town began the process of developing Lot 644 in early 2022. Although Lot 644 is platted for 41 units, the Town received significant input from the Meadows residents regarding density on Lot 644 and within the Meadows as a whole.

As a result, the project will now consist of 29 employee condominiums spread throughout four separate buildings, including a multi-family building with 12 one- and two-bedroom condo units and three townhome-style buildings with a total of 17 two- and three-bedroom condo units. The project will also provide a total of 56 parking spaces.

The project design was approved by the Mountain Village Design Review Board in November 2022 and ground will break once the snow melts in spring 2023 with a targeted move-in in 2024.

Read preliminary deed-restriction parameters below:

Application Qualification

Mountain Village Town Council has determined the following priority will be given to those interested in buying a unit. The Town will not hold a traditional lottery system to allocate these units but instead will allocate through a prioritized points system. The points system will be based on the following priority:

  1. Town of Mountain Village employees
  2. Essential Workers- defined as any person who conducts essential services within the Telluride R-1 School District, which includes healthcare, schools, fire and police protection, basic sanitation and maintenance of utilities and any other worker deemed essential to the Mountain Village community by the Mountain Village Housing Authority Director
  3. Those who work within the boundaries of the Town of Mountain Village
  4. Those who work within the Telluride R-1 School District boundary
  5. Businesses within Mountain Village whose employees/owners may choose to live in the unit as their primary residence or rent to qualified renters who work for their Mountain Village businesses

Application Qualification

  • 4 percent annual appreciation cap
  • There are no income limitations
  • The unit must be the owner’s principal place of residence unless rented to qualifying tenants
  • An owner cannot own another Meadowlark unit
  • At least one resident/owner of each unit must work an average of 32 hours or more per week at a business with a physical presence within the Telluride R-1 School District boundary
  • A qualified owner may lease to a qualified tenant so long as the lease is for 13 months or longer
  • The MVHA will have the first offer to purchase the property upon resale

Please stay tuned for more information!

Do you have further questions? Please visit our Community Housing overview page to submit specific questions.