Mountain Village Housing Authority

As of January 1, 2022, the Mountain Village Housing Authority administers its own affordable housing program for all deed-restricted properties with the Town of Mountain Village. For information on the deed-restricted properties located in the Town of Mountain Village, please email

To apply to own or rent a deed-restricted property in Mountain Village, please see below. Please note: this application is not for the future Lot 644 Development. 


Compliance Notice

The Town of Mountain Village Housing Authority (TMVHA) will begin its biennial deed-restricted compliance on November 15, 2023, for deed-restricted owners and renters in the Town of Mountain Village.

Every other year, all deed-restricted dwelling units (excluding Village Court Apartments and Big Billies, which administer its own compliance) must conduct this process to make sure owners and tenants living in these units are in compliance with the unit's respective deed restriction.

This process will begin for Mountain Village deed-restricted properties November 15, 2023 and run through December 31, 2023.

Beginning November 15, owners and tenants will be contacted by the MVHA and asked to fill out a compliance form to provide proper documentation. The form will be posted to this webpage prior to November 15 or a paper copy is available by contacting the TMVHA. Please note, this is just a preliminary notice, and the process will be shared broadly through Town channels during the compliance timeline.

Deed-restricted owners and renters will have until December 31, 2023, to submit the completed compliance paperwork to TMVHA. A late fee of $250 will be charged if the requested paperwork is not completed by December 31, 2023.

If you have questions regarding your deed restriction compliance or are concerned you are currently not in compliance with your deed restriction, don't hesitate to contact the TMVHA at for assistance.

Deed Restriction Types in Mountain Village

There are three types of deed restrictions in the Town of Mountain Village with differing qualifying requirements - the Employee Housing Restriction (EHR), Affordable Housing Restriction (AHR) and Coyote Court.

The majority of Mountain Village affordable housing inventory operates under our EHR deed restriction. AHR applies to a small number of properties within Mountain Village: Castelina and Cassidy Ridge. Coyote Court units are subject to the EHR documents and the Mountain Village Housing Authority Town Built Properties Operating Document. If you are interested in buying or selling a Coyote Court unit at this time, please email for guidance and the appropriate applications and documentation.

If you are applying for Castellina or Cassidy Ridge, please email to apply.

For those interested in renting or purchasing any other deed-restricted unit in Mountain Village (EHR or Coyote Court), please fill out the electronic form below. Please note: this application is not for the future Lot 644 Development. Lottery details and application will be released this spring.

Contact MVHA staff

Below you will find a list of all deed-restricted units and lots divided into two categories: Employee Housing Restriction (EHR) and Affordable Housing Restriction (AHR).