Affordable Housing

Working To Provide Homes

The Planning and Development Services Division and Town Council, acting as the Mountain Village Housing Authority, strive to establish and implement plans to provide affordable housing within our boundaries. Rental rates and sale prices are set with the intent to be affordable for persons and families with low, moderate and middle-income status. We follow the income categories that are established annually by Housing and Urban Development, which are then adjusted for San Miguel County residents. Affordable housing options for full-time employees in the region include for-sale properties and rental properties like Village Court Apartments.

Regional Housing Needs Assessment

The Town of Mountain Village has been proactive since its incorporation as a Town regarding the construction of ‘for sale’ and ‘rental’ deed-restricted housing. As of 2018 Regional Housing Needs Assessment, Ouray and San Miguel Counties, the Town of Mountain Village housing inventory includes 533 total deed-restricted housing units which includes 220 rental units owned by the Town of Mountain Village Housing Authority. Two-thirds of the full time occupied housing units in Mountain Village are deed-restricted, the highest deed-restricted to free-market housing ratio in the region.

San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA)

The SMRHA Mission is to preserve and increase the supply of housing for low, moderate, and middle-income households in San Miguel County by:

  • Assisting the jurisdictions in the administration, development and implementation of housing policies and programs.
  • Providing on-going education, information, and leadership regarding the current housing supply availability and needs.
  • Offering education to the community on home buying, housing counseling, and foreclosure prevention.
  • Providing expert assistance to local organizations interested in becoming active in the development of affordable housing.
  • Coordinating public resources in a way that will attract greater private and not-for-profit investment into affording.