Mountain Village Police Department

Mountain Village Police Department, located on the first floor of our municipal building, at 411 Mountain Village Boulevard is dedicated to the people of their community. Providing safety while being committed to excellence in the service and quality of life with fairness, loyalty and respect.

To understand any law, you will need to review that particular ordinance.


The Mountain Village Police Department strives to maintain and enhance the confidence and trust of the people we serve. Our officers and leadership are working to continually strengthen and expand partnerships between the police and the community we serve and effectively resolve the community's problems while protecting life and property.

The Mountain Village Police Department’s pledge is to embrace all individuals without bias, continually solicit community input, utilize department strengths and explore improvement measures for weaknesses. It is only through a solid relationship with the community we serve that we can truly exceed our community's needs.

The Department and Members

Our department and officers strive to deliver quality professional service both timely and courteous while serving and protecting our community. Our officers strive to maintain a high level of visibility while on proactive patrols and participate in regular outreach activities to engage the community.

Please visit our Police Department staff listing.

Visit our public safety pages for more information on emergency notifications, such as SMC Alert and Warning, emergency preparedness, AED locations and more useful resources.


Fingerprinting Services

Effective September 24, 2018, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will implement the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program in response to Senate Bill 17-189. This program moves fingerprinting services away from law enforcement agencies to certified vendors around the state.

Please visit CBI’s fingerprinting website to read more about instructions and information for criminal history record information required by employers and for personal background checks.

As a result, our office will no longer be able to provide fingerprint card services for civilians needing them for employment and/or background checks. CBI has awarded two contracts allowing third-party vendors to electronically print and submit non-criminal applicant fingerprints for the state.

The CABS program will not impact the way the results of the background checks are currently administered. All background check results will continue to be provided to the respective agency accounts via the CBI’s Secure Document Delivery System as they are today.

Happy To Help

Most police reports – accident and incident – are public information, and can be obtained by filling out a request form. If you cannot come directly to the Police Department, records can be obtained by mail. To request a form, contact the Police Department during business hours and we can mail, fax or email it to you. There is a fee for this service, depending on the number of pages, photos, research, etc.

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