Re-Addressing Project

"Our emergency first responders can better respond to a situation if our streets and neighborhoods are consistently addressed. This saves responders valuable time currently being spent searching for the proper address while responding to the scene."
— Telluride Fire Protection District Chief John Bennett


The Town of Mountain Village is undertaking an extensive re-addressing project in order to align all addresses with the newly adopted addressing standards and to improve the 911 response time. As a Town, we must maintain consistency and clarity with our addressing system for public safety.

In 2024, the Town of Mountain Village will begin an extensive re-addressing project in certain neighborhoods to align all addresses with the Town’s recently adopted addressing standards and to improve 911 response time.

The re-addressing effort is expected to affect only 110 addresses and 839 units (which includes two hotels and two apartment complexes). This project will be rolled out slowly over the course of a few years in a phased approach, with the Town's addressing coordinator working through a handful of neighborhoods at a time. The addressing coordinator will also be able to adjust the program throughout this phased approach if necessary.

Phase 1 of the re-addressing efforts is divided into four groups and will occur throughout most of 2024. Subsequent phases and address groups will be shared with the community as Group 4 nears completion of its re-addressing efforts.

If you live at one of the locations listed below in Phase 1, please fill out the form linked below to provide your proper contact info so our addressing coordinator may assist you in your re-addressing efforts when the time comes.

Each group will be contacted by the Town's addressing coordinator when it is time to begin their re-addressing efforts. All property owners will receive a comprehensive information packet, and the Town will be offering rebates to go toward the costs of re-addressing their homes.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this process. Should there ever be an emergency at your property, having consistent addresses throughout our community will improve response time and could make all the difference.