Road Rules

Be aware that driving conditions on mountain roads can change suddenly. During the winter months, roads may appear dry but in shaded corners, there may still be ice. Also, please be aware of “black ice”. The road may only look wet but may be a thin layer of very slick ice. Quality all-season or studded snow tires will help in these situations.

In an on-going effort to maintain and improve your safety and well being, please follow these simple laws:

  1. Passing is not allowed on any roads in Mountain Village.
  2. All motor vehicle accidents must be reported immediately. A motor vehicle accident is any damage to vehicles or property. All accidents that occur in Mountain Village are handled by our police department. Any accident that occurs outside of our jurisdiction is the responsibility of the Colorado State Patrol.
  3. The use of engine brakes is prohibited in Mountain Village.
  4. Camping is not allowed in Mountain Village. There are several campgrounds available regionally.
  5. Clear all of your vehicle’s windows before driving.
  6. Idling your vehicle is prohibited.
  7. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way so please be courteous and attentive.
  8. If your vehicle breaks down on the street and you cannot move it right away, contact the police department at (970) 728-9281 If the vehicle is not a hazard, the police department may allow the vehicle to remain at the location for up to 24 hours.

Town Speed Limits

  • The speed limit in Mountain Village is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.
  • Mountain Village Boulevard from Adams Ranch Road to Benchmark Drive is 30 mph.
  • Mountain Village Boulevard east of Benchmark Drive is 20 mph.