Search & Rescue

San Miguel County Search & Rescue (SAR) covers an area approximately 1,200 square miles, ranging from the high desert at an altitude of 5,000 feet to high alpine at an altitude of more than 14,000 feet, and covers everything from lost hikers, technical rock rescues, helicopter extractions and avalanche rescues.

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) Card

Colorado residents and visitors are well served by dedicated volunteer search and rescue teams. By purchasing a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) card you are contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund, which will reimburse these teams for costs incurred in search and rescues across the State of Colorado. The CORSAR card is available for $3 for a 1-year card and $12 for 5-year card.

Locals can purchase a 5-year card at the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office, and 1-year and additional 5-year cards are available at various sporting goods stores in both Mountain Village and Telluride. You can also purchase online and find out more information on what’s covered and why you should have one.

Purchase a COSAR Card