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Planning & Development Services Department ePlans Electronic Submittal

All development applications under the Community Development Code shall be submitted pursuant to the ePlans review process, unless a hardship is demonstrated to the Planning & Development Services Department. Electronic submittal is mandatory and aims to reduce development review times, reduce costs to the applicant, improve energy efficiency through a greener business process and to facilitate a high level of communication between the Town and applicant during the development review process.

Complete the following steps:

Create and Name a Folder

Create and name your folder using the following example:

Lot [lot #] [type of application]

File Naming

Name each file separately using the following protocols:

  • Plan Set: “Lot [lot #] [type of application] Plan Set”.
    Example: Lot 52 Design Review Process Application Plan Set
  • Other Submittal Requirements: “Lot [lot #] [type of application] Submittal Requirements”.
    Example: Lot 52 Design Review Process Application Submittal Requirements.
  • For files greater than 100MB, name files separately, broken out as plan set or submittal grouping using the following format: “Lot [lot #] [type of application] [type of plan or documentation], such as “Site Plan”, “Landscaping Plan”, “Geologic Report”.
    Example: Lot 52 Site Plan

Upload & Submit Files

Upload the application lot file that includes all PDFs to the Town’s secure FTP site which is optimized for Google Chrome. (Please note, MSN-based browsers will not work.)

Open your browser and copy the following link into your browser: or simply click the submit button below.

Pay Fees

Development application fees must be paid by check or by contacting our Department by email to arrange for online payment.

If paying by check, make your check payable to Town of Mountain Village, 455 Mountain Village Blvd, Ste. A, Mountain Village, CO 81435.

Resubmittals: Go to step 3 above. The resubmittal shall consist of a complete updated plan set. Each resubmittal should also contain a summary list of response to staff concerns or comments. All plan review corrections shall be made on the plans by the applicant.

Submit your Plans


Upload Files & Submit


For more information, please contact the Planning and Development Department by email or (970) 369-8242.


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