Public Art

Public art is quickly becoming our passion in Mountain Village. We love it so much, that in June 2022, the Mountain Village Town Council unanimously approved the creation of the Public Art Commission. 

The Mountain Village Public Art Commission was formed to review art and proposals located in a plaza area, right-of-way, or other public space where the art is intended to be enjoyed by the residents and visitors of Mountain Village.

Public art is considered to be a temporary non-commercial expression of creative skill or imagination in a visual form, in any media, which has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged on public property.

The artwork may be designed to be exhibited for as little as one day or up to three years, with the possibility of an extension. The artist/applicant is solely responsible for the cost involved with the creation, installation, maintenance, de-installation, and transportation of the artwork, and the restoration of the site following the display; therefore, the artist/applicant is encouraged to be certain of funding and financial capacity prior to installation.

Learn about our current public art installations in Mountain Village

John Kirk Drogsvold: Bridging Art and Technology

John Kirk Drogsvold is driven by a passion for art and technology. He's on a mission to explore the possibilities of new tools in the form of digital fabrication, ai, and blockchain, creating captivating sculptures that are both skillfully advanced and genuine.

Kirk's artistic journey is marked by a commitment to collaboration. He works with fellow artists, designers, and creatives to bring innovative visions to life.

Kirk's submission to the public art commission was to create hanging sculptures from powder-coated aluminum, strung together with mountaineering gear, and gracefully suspended under a bridge in Mountain Village. His sculptures explore organic forms using digital fabrication as the medium of expression.


Visit Conference Center Plaza to experience Mountain Village's newest public art exhibit.

Be ever so mum as you approach this mother grizzly bear and her cub. They notice you as well. Mum is also an affectionate word given by the British to their mothers. Fitting, as this 2022 Mr and Mrs Ferguson sculpture was created for a Burning Man exhibition in England. Together, Burning Man and Chatsworth House presented Radical Horizons, a free art tour of Burning Man sculptures on the grounds of a 17th century historic estate. ‘Mum’ was one of 12 sculptures exhibited for 6 months to a half million visitors.

'Mum', created by Lisa and Robert Ferguson, is made up of over $1,000 in pennies. The bears recently returned from the UK and have made the trip all the way to Mountain Village to entertain and delight families and kids of all ages through June 30, 2024.

Guests are encourage to engage and interact with the exhibit, respectfully. Learn more about Mr and Mrs Ferguson and there art here.

The Cabins

The Cabins at Mountain Village were conceived to offer private dining cabins to visitors during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet were designed to outlive the pandemic and will continue to be a fixture throughout the plazas of the Village Center.

The Town collaborated with the Mountain Village Owners Association and Telluride Arts in 2021 to adorn 11 of the 25 cabins with art from local and regional artists.

About the Public Art Commission

The Mountain Village Public Art Commission (PAC) strives to create a diverse representation of subject matter in the public display of artwork and encourages artists/applicants to connect with the Mountain Village community in a meaningful way through education and/or outreach with each proposal. Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, or other types of outreach may be accomplished through partnerships or cooperation with local organizations. Assistance connecting with a local organization can be provided upon request.

The PAC shall consist of five regular members who are appointed by the Town Council. At least three members shall be qualified electors of the town, and at time of appointment, shall have been a resident of the Town for at least six months. Two seats shall be filled by a Town Council member and staff member, two members shall be an artist or arts professional, and one member shall be from the public at large.

Members will review and approve/deny all public art applications on a rolling basis.

Public Art Commission Members

The Public Art Commission meets on an as-needed basis. All commission meetings will be publicly noticed per Town policy. 

  • Pete Mitchell

    Artist/Arts Professional

  • Margaret Rinkevich

    Artist/Art Professional

  • Ann Barker

    Public At-Large Member

  • Harvey Mogenson

    Term expires: June 2025

  • JD Wise

    J.D. Wise

    Economic Development & Sustainability Director