Biking in Mountain Village

Mountain Village offers bike trails ranging from beginner to advanced mountain biking

Boulevard Trail improvements begin June 6 and will be ongoing through the summer. Please obey posted temporary caution and detour signs. Learn more.

To keep our residents and guests safe, please be sure to read our mountain activity safety guidelines and please remember there is a bike dismount zone throughout the plazas in Mountain Village Center. If you need to rent or purchase a bike or bike equipment, visit one of our local retail sports shops in Mountain Village Center.

For those looking for a more challenging adventure, the Telluride Bike Park features lift-served downhill mountain biking. Tickets and more information can be found on Telluride Ski Resort's website. The opening dates for the 2023 season will be posted in the spring of 2023. Please check withTelluride Ski Resort for more information.

Below you will find a variety of trails for beginners to experts that run in and around Mountain Village.

To access trails from the gondola or to transport your bike between Telluride and Town of Mountain Village, read more about Bikes on the Gondola.

Beginner Trails

Boulevard - 2.5 miles

From Lost Creek Lane near Mountain Village Center, this easy 2.5-mile trail begins on a paved surface and continues to Market Plaza. Once at Market Plaza, the paved trail becomes a natural surface trail and continues west towards Highway 145 and the entrance to the Town of Mountain Village. Watch for signage and pedestrian crossings.

Russell - 1 mile

From the intersection of Adams Ranch Road and Russell Drive, this easy 1-mile trail begins on the shoulder. The trail continues below Russell Drive onto a dirt surface and connects with the Meadows neighborhood.

Intermediate Trails

Big Billies's - 0.5 miles

Beginning on the south side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village, this refreshing 0.5-mile trail winds down 200 feet and ends at Big Billie’s Apartments in the Meadows neighborhood.

Boomerang - 2 miles

From Prospect Trail or Basin Trail, this trail follows a historic U.S. Forest Service dirt road approximately two miles to scenic Alta Lakes and the historic mining town of Alta. Vehicles may be encountered.

Coonskin Trail Loop - 1.3 miles

Beginning and ending at San Sophia Station and with an elevation change of 170 feet, this dirt ski service road is a short 1.3-mile loop starting from and returning to San Sophia Station. It crosses over Telluride Trail, Lookout and Milk Run ski trails and serves as bike access for the See Forever Trail.

Jurassic - 1 mile

This scenic 1-mile trail begins on the north side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village and to the left of the Boomerang Trailhead (see below), then follows the ridge west and 300 feet down into the Meadows neighborhood.

Meadows - 1 mile

Starting in the Meadows neighborhood in Mountain Village, just up the road from where Adams Ranch Road crosses Prospect Creek and 0.5 miles west of Big Billie’s Apartments, this 1-mile trail drops 200 feet to the Lawson Hill neighborhood and Highway 145.

Village - 3 miles

From San Sophia Station, this rolling 3-mile descent crosses several ski trails with great views to the west while traversing through aspen and spruce-dominated drainages. After crossing Prospect Creek Drive, this trail descends into a creek bottom, crossing the wetland on a boardwalk, and then continues down and connects with the Boulevard Trail, providing access to Market Plaza and Mountain Village Center.

Advanced/Expert Trails

Basin - 6 miles

Beginning at San Sophia Station, this trail forks with the Sheridan Trail and continues left, past the snowmaking storage ponds and gate, for 6 miles on a dirt ski service road. There are 2,240 feet of steep climbs and descents past the top of Lift 5, the bottom of Lift 14, past Lift 12 and down through the ski area to connect with Prospect Trail. Vehicles may be encountered.

Boomerang to Valley Floor - 1 mile

Beginning on the north side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village and to the right of the Jurassic Trailhead (see above), this steep 1 mile abandoned mining road descends through the Uncompahgre National Forest to the Valley Floor below. Expect a 700-foot elevation change.

Prospect - 10 miles

Ten miles in length and the longest single-track on the ski area, this trail begins at San Sophia Station and traverses across numerous ski trails under Lifts 4 and 5 and into Prospect Creek. After crossing Prospect Creek, the trail climbs through dense forest to the top of Lift 10. This trail then continues two ways: either along the upper loop through Prospect Basin or a shortcut past the teepee and the top of Lift 10 before the descent begins to Station Village Parking and Town Hall Plaza. For a longer hike or bike, Prospect Trail also connects with the Boomerang Trail which leads to Alta Lakes.

See Forever - 2.8 miles or 8.3 miles

The hiking-only portion of this trail starts 0.2 miles south of San Sophia Station. For bikers, the access point to the See Forever Trail is from San Sophia Station via the Coonskin Loop Trail. Steep and strenuous, this dirt ski service road climbs along the ridgeline 1,710 feet in 2.8 miles to the Wasatch Connection Trailhead. Vehicles may be encountered. With 360 degree views of surrounding mountain ranges and peaks, this trail is often combined with the Wasatch Connection to the Wasatch Trail to form an all-day, 8.3-mile, 3,510-foot steep descent onto Bear Creek Trail, leading into the Town of Telluride.

Sheridan - 2 miles

This 2-mile trail begins at San Sophia Station and continues to the right, where the trail forks near the top of Lift 4. It then follows a dirt ski service road to the winding, steep and paved San Joaquin Road, 1 mile from Mountain Village Boulevard. Vehicles may be encountered.

Wasatch Connection - 1.4 miles

This steep and rocky 1.4-mile trail connects the See Forever Trail to the Wasatch Trail that leads to the Bear Creek Trail. The Wasatch Connection drops off the back side of Gold Hill. Combine these trails for an arduous, day-long adventure.

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