Disc Golf

Free, par three, 18-hole disc golf course

Amid the mountain peaks and rolling greens, we invite you to challenge your skillset on our Double Cabin Disc Golf Course. We maintain and manage this free, par three, 18-hole course daily during the summer season, open from sunrise to sunset. 

The Mountain Village Disc Golf Course is closed for the winter season. It will open Spring 2024 once conditions allow.

Course Location

The course is located across the street from Market Plaza (formerly Town Hall Plaza) and The Market at Mountain Village. From Mountain Village Center, you can hike or bike to the course from the Boulevard Trail, or take the gondola to Market Plaza. To become acquainted with the course, please review our new course map:

Disc Golf Course Map

Disc Golf Game

As for the game itself, it is played like traditional golf but with the use of a flying disc similar to a Frisbee as opposed to a ball and club. One point/stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown. The goal is to get three or fewer points/strokes per hole. The person with the lowest score after playing nine holes wins. Scorecards, picnic tables and restrooms are available at the start.

Hole 17 Mountain Village Disc Golf

The Course

Comprised of 18 holes, basket target type, and gravel tee type.

There are 12 holes under 300 feet. The remaining 6 holes are between 300 and 400 feet.

Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated tee area. Don’t throw if other players are in your view or in the direction you are throwing. Wait for your entire group to throw before you advance to make your next throw.

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