Nordic Skiing & Snowshoeing

Explore Mountain Village on our eight miles of groomed trails

During the winter, Mountain Village grooms approximately eight miles of winter trails to create a quality surface for as many users as possible. Our winter trails accommodate skiers, hikers, snowshoers and bikers as well as dogs who are accompanied by a responsible dog owner.

The Mountain Village Nordic Trails are now open for the 2023-2024 season.

We do ask that foot and bike traffic stay to the sides of the trails, off the classic grooves.

New: Nordic grooming updates are now live through the Telluride Nordic Association's Nordic Pulse app.

Want the grooming report in the palm of your hand? Download the Nordic Pulse App for optimized mobile viewing:

Below, you will find live trail updates and details about Nordic and snowshoeing trails that are part of the Mountain Village Winter Trail System. Each one is interconnected, starting at the Telluride Valley Floor via the Boomerang Trail and continuing up to Mountain Village’s winter trails, which are located on the Telluride Ski & Golf Company’s golf course. These trails reach into Mountain Village Center and extend out to the Mountain Village entrance. Please review our nordic and snowshoe trails map to help navigate our trail system.

Trail Grooming Status:

Trail Access

For your convenience, there are multiple access points to our winter trails. If you are driving, you may access the trails from Adams Ranch Road, 100 yards north of the intersection at Mountain Village Boulevard, where there is free parking along the roadway. Or if you’re in Mountain Village Center, access is available from The Peaks Resort and The Peaks ski trail, at the top of the chondola. For those in need of classic or skate skis or snowshoes, visit one of our local retail sports shops. And after you are done, come relax next to one of our fire pits in Mountain Village Center.

Nordic Trail Description

All Nordic trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The following trails are part of the Mountain Village Nordic Trail System on the golf course and can be skied individually or together.

Boomerang - 1.5 km/0.9 miles - (Advanced)

A steep trail that drops 700 feet from Country Club Drive, west of The Peaks Resort in Mountain Village, to the Telluride Valley Floor trails below.

Campbell Peak View - 1.5 km / 0.9 miles - (Intermediate)

This short section of trail, with big views, begins at The Peaks Resort (where you can rent Nordic skis and snowshoes) and winds down to Meadows ski run.

Double Eagle Loop - 1 km/0.6 miles - (Easiest)

A nearly flat loop trail for beginners, it starts at the intersection of Russell Drive and connects Galloping Goose Ski Run with the Boulevard Trail.

Elk Crossing - 1 km/0.6 miles - (Advanced)

A steep and winding trail, it connects the Skunk Creek Trails with the Galloping Goose Ski Run.

Galloping Goose Ski Run - 3.8 km/2.4 miles - (Easiest)

This uphill grind from the bottom of Lift 10 to the top is designated as the free uphill route to access Topaten Nordic and snowshoe trails. Please watch for downhill traffic.

Goose Connector - 0.25 km/0.2 miles - (Easiest)

This moderately steep trail connects Adam Ranch Road to the Galloping Goose Ski Run. Watch for downhill traffic.

Meadows Connector - 1 km/0.6 miles - (Intermediate)

This trail meets with Campbell Peak View Trail and crosses ski runs before linking with Double Eagle Loop. Look across ski runs for trail signs and watch for downhill skiers and boarders.

Skunk Creek Trails - 4 km/2.5 miles - (Intermediate)

A winding trail of various loops and steeper sections with a 250-foot elevation gain, these trails have two access points: either at the Boulevard Trail or at the parking area on Adams Ranch Road, near the Mountain Village entrance. Sections of connector trails connecting to the Skunk Creek trails are rated as difficult.

Wilson Loop - 2 km/1.2 miles - (Intermediate)

From the parking area on Adams Ranch Road, this loop offers a 100-foot elevation change and far-flung views of the valley to the west. The southern half of this loop is rated as easier and the northern section of this loop is rated at intermediate. See trail map for further description.

Snowshoe Trail Descriptions

Snowshoe trails are periodically foot-packed, unless otherwise noted, and varying snow depths may be encountered.

Big Billies's - 0.8 km/0.5 miles - (Beginner)

This trail connects Country Club Drive to Big Billie’s Apartments in the Meadows neighborhood.

Boulevard - 2.4 km/1.5 miles - (Beginner)

This gentle, rolling trail travels along Mountain Village Boulevard, from Market Plaza where the grocery store is located and continues west towards Highway 145 and the entrance to the Town of Mountain Village. This snowshoe trail is groomed with a snowmobile.

Jurassic - 1.6 km/1 mile - (Intermediate)

This scenic trail runs from the north side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village and west of the Boomerang Trailhead and follows the ridge west through an old growth Ponderosa and Douglas Fir forest to the Meadows neighborhood and bottom of Lift 1/ the chondola.

Meadows - 1.6 km/1 mile - (Intermediate)

Located 0.5 miles west of Big Billie’s Apartments on Adams Ranch Road in Mountain Village, this trail drops 200 feet in elevation to the Lawson Hill neighborhood, Highway 145 and the Valley Floor below.

Ridge - 3.2 km/1 mile - (Advanced)

With switchbacks throughout the aspen forest and an elevation change of 1,000 feet between the top and bottom of gondola terminal stations St. Sophia and Mountain Village, this trail is a local favorite. Snowshoe up from Mountain Village Center via Mountain Village Boulevard and Granite Ridge roadways for a great winter workout right from town or travel down from the east side of Station St. Sophia.

Guided Snowshoeing in Mountain Village

Explore areas of the Telluride Ski Resort that are inaccessible on skis or a snowboard. Their group and private snowshoe tours cater to all ability levels. Advance reservations for snowshoe tours and rentals are highly encouraged due to limited availability by (970) 728-7433 or .