Thanks For Taking The Lead

With electric vehicles becoming more prevalent in Colorado and our goal of reducing the amount of carbon emissions released into the air, we installed a dual – and free to use and free to park while using – electric vehicle charging station on Level Five the Gondola Parking Garage. The station is equipped with a dual 40-amp charger with an estimated charge time of four- to five-hours. For Tesla drivers, to charge your vehicle at the Gondola Parking Garage it may take six- to eight-hours.

Currently the state has 145 public charging stations. Find one nearest you: Alternative Fueling Station LocatorCarStationsPlugShare

Charging Station Travel Corridor

Installing a station in Mountain Village helps develop the ever-growing network of charging stations in a travel corridor, which includes Ouray, Montrose and Durango.

49 Miles to Ouray • Ouray Hot Spring Pool • 1230 Main St.

66 Miles to Montrose • Centennial Plaza • S. First Street & Uncompahgre Ave.

107 Miles to Durango • Durango Transit Center • 250 W. Eighth St.

Refuel Colorado

In addition to the state’s Charge Ahead program, Refuel Colorado provides Colorado businesses and consumers with information needed to assess the pros and cons of purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle.