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The Building Division works in partnership with design professionals, owners and the building community to ensure the buildings in which the community works and resides are designed and constructed reasonably-free from hazards associated with the building’s use. We strive to adopt the latest codes and construction methods in order to provide increased comfort and reduce the building’s carbon footprint through the application of green building standards and energy codes. This responsibility is taken seriously as the codes help all of us stay safe and comfortable in so many ways. We also encourage all applying for a building permit to take advantage of our Smart Building Incentive Program.

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Obtaining A Building Permit & Scheduling Inspections

We use a software program from Community Core for all permitting, plan review and inspection scheduling services for Mountain Village and Telluride. Please visit the Community Core website to quickly register your business, apply and pay for permits, and schedule inspections. You may also use  ContractorConnect service wherever you have an Internet connection including on your smart phone and mobile device to conduct business with the Building Department.

If you are unsure about our permit requirements, please review the Building Division Plan SubmittalResidential Permit Requirements and Commercial Permit Requirements documents. Do I need a permit for this project? For information on inspections, download the Inspection Information document.

Paper permit applications also are available at Mountain Village Town Hall. Almost all applications have an associated fee, so you will want to review our Planning and Development Services Department Fee Schedule.

Codes & Guides

We review building permits utilizing a number of codes, all of which are listed below, and all amendments to these codes are included in our Building Regulations, Chapter 17. You may visit the International Code Council website to purchase copies of these codes. You may also access various 2012 building guides for home projects, which are available on the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council’s website.

  • International Building Code (2012)
  • National Electrical Code (2017)
  • International Fuel Gas Code (2012)
  • International Energy Conservation Code (2012)
  • International Existing Building Code (2012)
  • International Fire Code (2012)
  • International Mechanical Code (2012)
  • International Plumbing Code (2012)
  • International Residential Code (2012)

Licensing & Certification

In 2011 we adopted an ordinance which establishes regulations requiring certain members of the contracting community to be certified by the International Code Council (ICC) by passing certain tests. For more details you will want to review the Contractor Licensing and Certification document.The main purposes of these regulations are to produce quality housing stock and to safeguard life and property. We require general contractors, roofing contractors and mechanical contractors to submit proof of applicable ICC Certificates. Electrical and plumbing contractors must be licensed by the State of Colorado. Please download the Town-Approved Licensed and Insured Contractors document below to find a qualified contractor who has not violated Building Regulations for the past two years.

Town Approved Licensed and Insured Contractors List

Use Tax Ordinance

The Use Tax Ordinance is a tax on building materials purchased outside of Mountain Village town limits or at wholesale price where a sales tax was not collected on the purchase by us, yet the material was used for a permitted building project within town limits. The use tax is collected through the building application process.

Mountain Village Building Board of Appeals

The Building Board of Appeals (BBOA) was established, pursuant to Section 112 of the adopted International Building Codes. The BBOA adjudicates appeals of building official decisions as they relate to the application and interpretation of the adopted Building Regulations.


Building Board Of Appeals Members

Seven members are appointed by Town Council to serve until replacement is necessary due to a vacancy. The board consists of individuals with varied professional backgrounds, such as licensed general contractors, architects, and electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors. The board meets on an as needed basis. For details about BBOA terms and qualifications, review the associated bylaws.

Richard Buckendorf

Board Member

David Eckman

Board Member

Don Jones

Board Member

Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Board Member

Eric Robinson

Board Member

Ryan Deppen

Alternate Member

Dennis Overly

Alternate Member


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