Meadows Improvement Plan

Meadows Improvement Plan

The Town of Mountain Village completed the conceptual design for the Meadows Improvement Phase 2 Implementation Plan in 2015 for the Mountain Village Meadows neighborhood located off of Adams Ranch Road. A portion of the plan has been implemented, and the town sought input from the community on the remainder of the project.

The areas of focus included the parking lot, existing playground, walking paths, landscaping, and river/riparian access. For additional information on this project, contact Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes by email or (970) 239-4061

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View the Meadows Improvement Plan Update and 2018 Work Plan

Phase 2 of the Meadows Improvement Plan

Project Scope

The Town of Mountain Village has sourced options for improvements in its Meadows neighborhood. The areas of focus included parking lot improvements, existing playground features, walking paths, additional landscaping, and river/riparian access.

Talk With Our Community

The town is currently prioritizing which infrastructure and amenity improvements will take place in the Meadows Neighborhood in Mountain Village, and the town sought community input from Meadows and Mountain Village residents regarding the remaining improvements to the area.

Implementation Phase 2

The Meadows Improvement Phase 2 Plan is scheduled to begin in 2018. To learn more about this project or to provide your comments, please contact Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes.

Meadows Improvement Plan Update and 2018 Work Plan

The Town of Mountain Village held an Open House on September 28, 2017 at Town Hall to discuss the Meadows Improvement Plan. We received wonderful feedback from our community members and the town has identified projects to be completed by 2018 based upon our budget. Below is a Project Cost Breakdown of the 2018 Meadows Improvement Work Plan.

Meadows Parking Lot Public Restroom

Overwhelmingly the community agreed that a public restroom is a needed amenity in the Meadows parking lot. We intend to begin construction on a public restroom with a solar panel that will operate the interior and exterior lighting and heating.

Loop improved Trail

With the Meadow View Apartments (formerly Telluride Apartments) coming back online this winter, the town wished to help facilitate a more direct trail access from the apartment complex to the parking area and post office. In cooperation with Telluride Ski & Golf the town will engineer and design a ADA paved path behind the Telluride Apartments across TSG property to the parking area. We anticipate it to also have subdued lighting and screened from adjacent neighbors. This improvement will also create a beautiful 20-25 minute loop improved trail, which we believe is a nice amenity for all the residents.

Cottonwoods along Adams Ranch Road

Most of the community understands that the existing mature cottonwoods that line Adams Ranch Road are creating now and will only increase over time, lifting and heaving of the concrete sidewalk. The existing tree roots are also beginning to compromise the existing utility infrastructure below grade. The Town intends to gradually replace existing cottonwoods with a more diverse species of tree with shallower root systems to reduce long-term maintenance and repair issues. This work will be gradual and ongoing with minimal ongoing costs to complete.

Pedestrian and Bike Safety around the perimeter of the Meadows Parking Lot

A few concerned citizens felt the Meadows Parking Lot creates conflicts with pedestrians and bicyclists due to the lack of dedicated pedestrian or bicycle pathways around or through the parking area. The town will restripe the parking lot so that there will be a pedestrian path around the perimeter of the parking area. This is a compromise solution weighing the cost to place and maintain additional infrastructure like raised sidewalks, landscaping with railroad ties, that may otherwise reduce the area dedicated to parking, or simply restriping because we believe the parking area will not otherwise lose any parking spaces with this option. Striping and layout costs will be minimal.

2018 Project Cost Breakdown Future Projects

The Town will retain the list of community input so that each year we can optimistically budget for enhanced community amenities in the Meadows. Here are some general themes for consideration.

• We received mostly positive feedback regarding a rough and natural river entry feature. This could be implemented in the future with the cooperation of Telluride Ski & Golf.

• Most residents desired an expanded park with expanded park features. For example: additional playground equipment for a broader age group to include (volleyball, basketball, a climbing rock, skatepark features) and a picnic shelter or shade feature.

• Most residents suggested loop trails, and enhanced trail designations between bikers and hikers.

• Most residents enjoy the natural environment and would like additional landscaping features such as trees.




Mountain Village Town Council meeting Thursday, SEpt. 19.