2019 Town Council Candidates


2019 Town Council Candidates

2019 Election Results:

Candidates Peter Duprey, Dan Caton, Laila Benitez and Martinique Davis Prohaska were elected to Mountain Village Town Council on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. They will join current council members Patrick Berry, Natalie Binder and Jack Gilbride. The newly elected council members will serve four-year terms.

Of the 935 Mountain Village ballots that were issued,  340 ballots were cast by mail or in person for a 39.65 percent voter turnout. 

The newly elected council members will be sworn in at the July 18, 2019, Mountain Village Town Council Meeting where members will appoint the position of mayor and mayor pro-tem.

The Numbers:

Listed in the same order as they appeared on the ballot, the following is the number of votes each candidate received:


The 2019 Town Council candidates are listed below in the order in which they appeared on the ballot:

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