David Schillaci

David Schillaci

Professional Background/Occupation

-Telski     Worked for the ski mountain for 15 years. In my various management positions, I oversaw the openings of several restaurants and was a key player in planning and business development. The extent of my experience with Telski involved all aspects of planning, budgeting and running multiple business units. In December 2004, I resigned from the position of Assistant Director of Food & Beverage.

-Town of Mountain Village    Worked for the Mountain Village in the Property Maintenance Department for approximately two and half years. I believe that this can be helpful in the understanding of why certain things are done as they are, and where there is need for improvement.

-Hill Grocers

The Market at Mountain Village    From 2007 through 2015, I worked in various management positions at The Market at Mountain Village (Frontend/Customer Service Manager, Assistant Store Director, & Store Director), sometimes filling two or more management positions.

The Market at Telluride    From 2015 – Present, I have had the pleasure of being the Store Director of The Market at Telluride (formerly The Village Market). WOW, Telluride really is quite different than the Mountain Village. Anyway, I am learning the Town of Telluride culture. I believe that this new experience can help me see the Mountain Village from a different perspective.

Hill Grocers – Business Analyst    From 2014 – Present – While working in store operations at both the Market at Mountain Village and the Market at Telluride, I also hold the position of Business Analyst for the six grocery stores owned by Hill Grocers in Colorado and Arizona. I am in charge of writing weekly, quarterly, and annual budgets, while driving improved financial results (sales, labor, costs & net profit) in each store by way of providing financial analytics.

Length of Time as Town Resident

I have lived in the Telluride region since 1989 and in the Mountain Village since 1992

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications

-Mountain Village Town Council     I had the opportunity to serve on the Mountain Village Town Council for approximately six years (2009-2015). In this time, I was on various committees addressing parking, the conference center, recycling, and more. I am very familiar with the town’s budget and its budgeting process. While on the Mountain Village Town Council, I was a strong advocate for Second Homeowners, Working Class Residents, Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship, Meadows Improvements, Forest Health, and Conservative Budgets.

-Comprehensive Plan Task Force     Served for the entire life of the task force. This helps to give me a thorough understanding of the complexities of our current local economy, local land issues, and the history of the Town of Mountain Village.

-Board of Directors of the Fairway Four Town-homes H.O.A. for over 12 years. I have had the opportunity of serving as President of the Board of Directors for over nine of those years. During this time, I have overseen (with the other board members) a serious renovation of the exterior of the buildings and landscaping.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve

I love living in the Mountain Village and would appreciate another opportunity to help improve it. Although I have a long list of goals in order to do so, I would concentrate on the following:

-Expansion and Improvement of Recreational Opportunities – including our Trails and Parks.

-Economic Development – with a concentration on shoulder seasons & economic diversity. I do not want our town to become anything like Vail. However, I would like to see an environment in which businesses can thrive nearly year-round and provide decent wages for their employees while offering a great experience for our guests, residents, and second homeowners.

-Improvement of Town Amenities & Infrastructure – I would like to see expansion and improvements of sidewalks, parks, landscaping, crosswalks and lighting in the Town Hall sub-area, the Meadows and the Mountain Village Core. Additionally, I would like to see high-end standardized design standards that become universal throughout the town or at least each sub-area. Currently, this is not the case

-Environmental Issues – Ensure that the town government continues to be a good environmental leader. However, I believe that government should try to avoid mandating environmental responsibility to its constituents. In other words, it should lead more by example than by mandate.

Other Information You Want to Include (family, community involvement, other personal information)

I was born and raised in Los Alamos (New Mexico), which is the birthplace of the atomic bomb and the location of one of the most import national laboratories in the nation. Los Alamos is located at ~7,500 ft. and surrounded by beautiful mountains where I began skiing, hiking, & backpacking at the age of four years old.

After graduating high school, I attended the University of New Mexico. In 1989, I decided to move to the Telluride region. I soon took up mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing. I ended up traveling to many locations in the U.S. and abroad (including Canada, Mexico, and Ecuador) to satisfy my climbing & mountaineering endeavors.

In 1996, I ended up climbing in the Peruvian Andes, where I climbed several peaks over 18,000 ft . I returned again in 1997 and climbed several peaks, including a 20,000+ ft peak named “La Copa”. In 1998, I went down south once again. After traveling to Chile and throughout Peru, I ended up living in Lima for four months, where I studied Spanish in the day and practiced it at night. Eventually, I ended up meeting my wife at a party that I didn’t really want to attend. Fortunately, I went to that party! After a few years, we married each other in Lima on May 13th, 2000.

In October 2001, my wife received her U.S. residency and moved to the Mountain Village. Later, she became a proud citizen of our country. She currently works as the Housekeeping Supervisor for The Inn at Lost Creek. The best part of my story began a few years later…Our daughters, Francesca…almost 13 yrs old, and Bianca…almost 11 yrs old.

Since getting married, we have enjoyed extensive domestic and international travel and my children have now visited 17 foreign countries in four continents. We exclusively speak Spanish in our family to ensure that our daughters will be bilingual adults.

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