Jack Gilbride

Jack Gilbride

Professional Background/Occupation

Currently I am the Executive Advisor to the Telluride Venture Fund. Prior to my move to Mountain Village, I was CEO of two venture/private equity backed companies, one of which I co-founded. Before that I was EVP of a bank, CFO of a manufacturing company, VP head-Energy and Manufacturing sections of an international subsidiary of Bank of America (BofA), Asst. Treasurer of an international engineering and construction company and VP corporate lending officer BofA. I am a graduate of CCNY and have an MBA from the Marshall School of the University of Southern California. Prior to USC, I had a successful five year sales career in New York City.

Length of Time as Town Resident

6 1/2 years

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications

While I do not have any prior political experience, I do have community and volunteer service experience. I have been the chair of one, and president of another, non-profit organization. I am a donor to the Telluride Fund and am actively involved in several of their efforts to improve the region. In addition, I am a member of the Audit and Grant committees of a local non-profit organization. My specific qualifications for Council involve my general business management and financial management experience which is important for a town with over $31,000,000 in budgeted 2017 expenses. Additionally, my service as a volunteer and experience with non-profits has given me an appreciation of the necessity of support for those activities and the needs of those whom these organizations serve.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve

This is our permanent, full-time home. So it is very important to my wife and I that it be as good a community as it can be. This is a very special place with very special opportunities and very special challenges. We are a resort town and that is one of the opportunities and challenges. I am a member of TSG and understand their importance. In addition to the individual issues of our Mountain Village community, we are part of a complex regional management structure with important government and non-government entities that must find ways to work together for the benefit of all, if anything “big” is to be accomplished. Our Town Council, TSG, TMVOA, Town Of Telluride and San Miguel County must find ways to work their individual interests agendas for the common good of the area. I believe that I can help that process.

Other Information You Want to Include (family, community involvement, other personal information)

My wife, Judy, and I have four grown children who live in New York City and Texas. The younger two had the privilege of spending all, or part, of their high school years here. At this point, two are gainfully employed, one is in graduate school and one is going into his Junior year.

We do take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities here. We enjoy skiing, hiking and 4 wheeling in our jeep on the many old mining trails. Our Labrador is a very, very big fan of hiking.

We also support TASP and have sponsored the visit of a veteran to participate in their very special program for those who have served and have additional needs.

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