Jonathan Greenspan

Jonathan Greenspan

Professional Background/Occupation

I have worked as a ski instructor and then became the Assistant Children’s ski school director for 24 seasons. 

I helped form the parks and recreation dept. for the town of MT village and became the asst supervisor there.

I helped form the transportation dept in the village when the gondola came on line and then ran the internal bus system for the Mountain Village as well as dial a ride.

I was the asst to the operations director and built plazas and special projects.

I worked with various construction management projects.

Started SUNRISE, Inc.,  a resource recovery business that specialized in forestry, landscaping, recreation, resource recovery and started most of the recycling and zero waste programs in the Valley.

I am currently consulting for recycling and energy efficiency systems and a much smaller services business.

Length of Time as Town Resident

20 years as town resident 27 years in the Telluride Mountain Village Region

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications

I have been elected to Mountain Village District Board for six years before it was merged in to the Town of Mountain Village

I have been elected twice to Town of Mountain Village Town Council and was Mayor pro term for 4 of those years

I have been elected to TMVOA as the Commercial representative as well as the Residential representative and was President of TMVOA for two years

I was on Region 10 Board for five years and President of that for 1 year that focuses on economic development in the Gunnison to Telluride area.

I helped put together a funding mechanism that funds recreation, open space and historical preservation for the County

I have been on numerous committees and boards that addressed economics, housing, environment, recreation and numerous other topics.

Currently I have been on forest health boards that address the beetle epidemic and fire mitigation

I have been a volunteer fireman for almost 16 years and am currently a lieutenant in that organization.

I am a licensed real estate broker

I have consulted for the waste diversion program and energy systems

Reasons You Would Like to Serve

I would like to serve in order to help bridge any and all opposing sides of all issues.  We as a community have to address many important issues that are creating problems in our Mountain Village.  These issues include affordable and work force housing. We have to reward people with incentives and to make it easier for business to exist here. We need to address wages and skilled labor and to make a more sustainable way of life. We need to enhance tourism and recreation to be our main source of visitors, lifestyle and economies.  In our region our environment and forest are very special to us so we most be stewards to the land.  We have to level the playing field in our community and to treat all equally, to have accountability with a friendly local government.  We need to improve our communications and to work with the other local governments to address all these issues and more.  We need to make a very efficient government that serves all and not just a selected few.  Most of all we need to create an identity of who we are and to make all full time, part time residents and visitors to feel welcomed to our great community. 

Other Information You Want to Include (family, community involvement, other personal information):

I have watched the Village grow up and have watched some of the growing pains that it has experienced. I have been, and I still am involved in committees to help forest management, recreation and environment to help us become the place that we all love and enjoy. I was part of the last Town Council that actually put in approximately 300 units of workforce housing in the Mountain Village.  I am also very involved helping to sustain and improve our property values.  I want to take the Mountain Village to the next level, instead of just talking about it and start implementing what we talk about with the vision many of us see and feel.  I have been involved on many levels and know what to do and how to get it done.  There won’t be any learning curves because I have the experience.  I have been involved in the start up of a lot of programs so there would be diversity in our Mountain Village and I have brought that message regionally.  I look forward to working together to get the Mountain Village to be the best place to live, work and play and to have that lifestyle that we all want to have here.


Mountain Village Town Council Convenes on Thursday Sept. 19 at 8:30 a.m.