Patrick Berry

Patrick L. Berry

Professional Background/Occupation

My professional background is based primarily in accounting and finance with core organizational competencies focused on revenue management, cost control, accounting management, asset management, capital budgeting and HOA management. For the past thirteen years at Telluride Ski & Golf, my responsibilities have steadily increased to my current position of controller for this instrumental economic engine for the destination. During this period, it has been rewarding to provide consultative services for a diverse mix of clients. Local clients have included the Telluride Tourism Board and CGKM, a private air carrier formerly at the Telluride Regional Airport.

In August of 2001, after accepting an equity analyst position with a hedge fund, my wife and I made the leap from city life and moved to Telluride.  During those first three years here, my focus was on entirely on the technology sector. Prior to that move, my career began as a broker and sales representative for Charles Schwab and Oppenheimer mutual funds.

My certifications include a community association manager’s license with DORA, a Level III candidate for CFA designation and have held multiple securities licenses.

Length of Time as Town Resident

2 years

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications

My political experience to date has been at an arm’s length, but nonetheless intellectually engaged given my position in the Resort.  My relevant professional experience in budgeting, capital and operating, and experience in asset management are competencies accessible on day one. My political/governance skill set also includes serving on multiple HOA boards in both elected and advisory roles.

Effective communication skills are the keystone for effective governance and that is the single most important skill set I would bring to the table.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve

My wife and I made a very deliberate, conscious decision to raise our family in Mountain Village – and fully believe that we have a vested stake in seeing the town flourish in both the near- and long-term. How do we flourish? We continue to invest in initiatives that promote long-term environmental and economic sustainability. These are two aspects of sustainability that many think are mutually exclusive. For me, they are interwoven in a symbiotic relationship between people and the mountains. Our community is the lifeblood of the economy here in the San Juan Mountains. Wise capital and human resource investment in affordable housing initiatives, commercial development, and alternative transportation are keys to driving success. We achieve that success by making data-driven decisions and using benchmarking techniques for information feedback loops to provide accountability. All of it, fueled by collaboration and innovation. I would seek to deploy these tactics with the utmost respect and appreciation for the tax dollars that fund them.

Other Information You Want to Include (family, community involvement, other personal information)

My wife Megan and I have lived in the area for nearly fifteen years. During that time, we have lived in Telluride, Rico and now Mountain Village. We have two children, Emery and Grayson – both attend Telluride Intermediate School, after attending Telluride Elementary; and we, somewhat anxiously, look forward to both graduating from Telluride High School – long-haulers as they say. My wife is the director of Rainbow Preschool and Rockies After School Program and Summer Camp and has been committed to that program for more than a decade. We love the mountains, love the area and love this town!

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