Town Council Election Results

Candidates Patrick L. Berry, Paul Oupadia and Jack Gilbride were elected to Mountain Village Town Council Tuesday, June 27. They will join current council members Dan Jansen, Laila Benitez, Dan Caton and Bruce MacIntire who were not up for re-election. The newly elected council members will serve four-year terms. 

Of the 930 mailed Mountain Village ballots, 409 were cast either by mail or in person for a 43.98% voter turnout.

The newly elected council members will be sworn in at the July 27 Mountain Village Town Council Meeting. Subsequently, members of Town Council will appoint the position of mayor and mayor pro-tem.

The Numbers 

Listed in the same order as they appeared on the ballot, following is the number of votes each candidate received.

  • Paul Oupadia: 170
  • Suse Connolly: 86
  • Marla Meridith: 20
  • David Schillaci: 90
  • Jack Gilbride: 157
  • Angela R. Pashayan: 83
  • Natalie Binder: 148
  • Richard Child: 35
  • Jonathan Greenspan: 127
  • Patrick L. Berry: 178

For more information about the election results, contact Town Clerk Jackie Kennefick by email.

2017 Town Council Election

A Regular Municipal Election was held Tuesday, June 27 to elect three Town Council members. Qualified candidates must be a registered elector who has maintained legal residency with the town for at least 120 days immediately preceding the June 27 election.

Ten candidates were listed on the ballot in the order in which they appear below: Paul Oupadia, Suse Connolly, Marla Meridith, David Schillaci, Jack Gilbride, Angela Pashayan, Natalie Binder, Richard Child, Jonathan Greenspan and Patrick L. Berry. The order of candidates was determined based on a draw by lot. All personal content and photographs were submitted by each candidate; the town has not verified the content.

Ballots Mailed

All Town of Mountain Village Elections are conducted by mail ballot. ‘Voter Verification Cards’ were mailed 45 days in advance of the 2017 Election. Please contact the Town Clerk’s office for any questions. Ballots were mailed to active registered voters between June 5 and June 12, and may be returned either by mail or in person to Town Hall, located at 455 Mountain Village Blvd. Suite A, by or before June 27; ballots must be received by June 27 to be counted. On Election Day, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Voter Registration Requirements

We take your right to vote seriously, and include not only legal residents but also non-resident property owners. A legal resident is any person who maintains a principal residence within the town for at least 30 consecutive days prior to a scheduled town election and fulfills voter registration requirements. A non-resident property owner is an owner of  real property located within town limits who is not a legal resident of the town, but may become a registered elector and thus qualified to vote.

Non-Residents Property Owner Requirements

  1. Fulfill voter registration requirements (see below).
  2. Hold the title to a property in natural name, not in the name of a trust, partnership, corporation, etc.
  3. Owner of record of real property for 30 consecutive days immediately prior to the election date during which time you have owned at least 50 percent of the fee title interest in the real property. However, such property interest shall not include ownership of parking spaces, religious or other charitable facilities, hotel units, roads, or common areas intended for non-profit use.

Voter Registration Requirements

  1. Elector must be at least 18 years old on the date of the election, and
  2. Registered to vote in a Mountain Village municipal election or in a San Miguel County election through the elections office at the Colorado Secretary of State Election Division.
  3. The last day to register to vote was Friday, May 26 by 5 p.m (in person) and Monday, May 29, 2017, by 5 p.m. (online). To register to vote you must complete our Voter Registration Form. If your address has changed, you will need to complete our Change of Address Request Form.


If you meet these requirements and have registered and/or voted in a Mountain Village election during the past four years, or if you have registered to vote with the San Miguel County Clerk with a Mountain Village address during the past four years, you are automatically registered to vote in the Mountain Village Regular Municipal Election. Contact the Town Clerk’s Office via email with any questions or to confirm your voter status. It’s important to note that if you are registered to vote with the Town of Mountain Village you will receive a Mountain Village ballot, but if you wish to vote in San Miguel County, State of Colorado or Federal elections, you must register with San Miguel County.

To register to vote with the State of Colorado, eligible Coloradans may simply text the word “Colorado” or “CO” to “2Vote” (28683) on a smartphone, and then open the link to the Secretary of State’s online voter registration and election information site.

Voter Registration List

Our Voter Registration List is maintained to facilitate our election process. Individual voter records may only be changed with written notice. Records will be kept as to the most recent date you voted in our municipal election. Records will be purged if

  • you fail to vote in two consecutive municipal elections or for four consecutive years, whichever period is longer; or
  • we receive notification of the sale or transfer of Mountain Village real property or discover it through our audit process or otherwise (We will examine whether or not you are still eligible to vote.); or
  • during our audit process or otherwise we determine that you no longer own a minimum of 50 percent of the fee title interest in the subject real property or you no longer hold title to the property in your natural name.

Voter Ineligibility

You will receive notification if you are no longer an eligible voter for Town of Mountain Village elections, and the reason for your ineligibility. For more details regarding maintenance of our voter registration list, you may review the resolution Procedures for Maintaining the Voter Registration.