Our Code

We strive to be honest and transparent, and recognize the need for your confidence and trust in all that we do for you. Those who hold public office or are employed by the town may occasionally have conflicts arise between their public duty and their personal and/or financial and/or business interests.

Our Code of Ethics outlines standards and guidelines of ethical conduct for town officials and employees to adhere to, including

  • establishing an Ethics Commission
  • identifying mandatory disclosures
  • providing for sanctions, remedies and penalties for violations of this code
  • setting forth standards of ethical conduct

Ethics Commission Members

Ethics Commission members are qualified electors appointed by Town Council to serve two-year terms, and fulfill one main duty: review alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and determine the validity of the alleged violations. Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis when formal complaints of a violation of the Code of Ethics have been officially presented. All meetings are open to the public and noticed in advance.

Richard Child

Member - term expires in July of 2019

Angela Pashayan

Member - term expires in July of 2020

Dan Caton

Town Council Member

Peter Duprey

Town Council Member - term expires in July of 2019

Michael Rosenfeld

Alternate Member - term expires in July of 2021