Our Priority

Every single day we are reminded what an enormous responsibility we have to serve you and your family’s needs while remaining financially prudent. With this fiduciary responsibility, we act in accordance with Colorado State Statutes and our Home Rule Charter.

Simply put, we

  • administer financial record keeping and reporting functions for the town and Metropolitan District;
  • advise Town Council on financial policy and strategic planning;
  • perform accounting activities, budget control, debt and treasury management, internal audits and purchasing; and
  • produce financial statements and fiscal budgets for the town and Metropolitan District.

Financial Planning Management Summary

In keeping with our goal of providing comprehensive, understandable and consolidated financial information, we created a report that lists all funds inflows and outflows, breaking out expenses by type and assigning debt service to its appropriate function. The information is segregated into governmental funds, enterprise (business-type) funds, and special revenue (pass-through) funds. This summary is a combined town revenue and expenditure summary not prepared in accordance with governmental budgeting and accounting standards, but rather to provide a summary of revenue and expenditures by function. This report is presented to Town Council quarterly and is available below.

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Annual Report (CAFR)

For 17 consecutive years we have received an award from the Government Finance Officers Association for excellence in financial reporting. By law we are required to issue an annual report on our financial position and activity. This report is audited by an independent firm of certified public accountants, and the accuracy, completeness and fairness of the information presented, including all disclosures, rests with our finance management team.

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2016 & 2017 Budget – Revised, Current, Long Term

Our budget process begins about six months before Town Council officially adopts the budget in early December and it is quite thorough in terms of strategic and tactical planning. It is also what helps define our course of action for the calendar year, so we highly encourage you to be part of the budget process. We hold one public worksession with Town Council in October, but even before that staff, along with members of the Budget Committee, scrubbed the budget before it even goes before Town Council for deliberation and discussion. In the end, the adopted budget contains next year’s figures, the previous year’s revised budget, and a long-term financial plan spanning four years.

  1. 2017 Adopted Budget
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Budget Booklet

In previous years, we have made our budget and financial statements available to the public in a manner that was very much numbers driven, like the documents above. The need to provide the public with a more reader and user-friendly document gave impetus to a new way of relaying budget information to you. With charts, graphs and summaries, the 2017 Budget Booklet encapsulate the nuts-and-bolts of a municipal budget, including

Metropolitan District Dissolution & Debt Fund

The Metropolitan District was formed in 1983 to provide certain municipal services like domestic water, drainage, roads, transportation and waste water treatment. About 20 years later District determined that it should dissolve and that we, the town, should assume the governmental services and functions that were performed by District. In December 2006, the San Miguel District Court approved the dissolution effective January 1, 2007. The District’s electors also approved the dissolution in the November 2006 election. The District is in existence to the extent necessary to provide for the payment of the debt service requirements of its outstanding General Obligation Bonds. Moreover, Town Council is responsible for setting an annual mill levy on behalf of District for the payment of the debt service requirements outlined in the Metro District Proposed 2018 Budget, Revised 2017 Budget, and Long-Term Financial Plan till 2022 for the Debt Service Fund.