Boards & Commissions

Mountain Village's residents are a vital part of our government and there are several different boards and commissions for the community to serve in. 

Ethics Commission

Ethics Commission members are qualified electors appointed by Town Council to serve two-year terms and fulfill one main duty: review alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and determine the validity of the alleged violations. Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis when formal complaints of a violation of the Code of Ethics have been officially presented. All meetings are open to the public and noticed in advance.

Design Review Board

The Design Review Board (DRB) was established, pursuant to the Home Rule Charter and the Community Development Code (CDC), as our architectural review board and as the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board.

Seven DRB members are appointed by Town Council to four-year alternating terms. Council strives to select individuals with varying professional and civic backgrounds who represent a cross-section of the community (e.g. architects, residents, merchants, hoteliers/property managers, landscape architects, civil engineers and contractors). In addition, Council prefers to have at least five members who are Mountain Village residents or property owners, residency is not a requirement for appointment.

Green Team

The Green Team Committee encourages the community to appreciate and preserve the natural world and to facilitate conservation efforts, share knowledge and resources and to advise the Mountain Village Town Council on matters related to environmental quality.

Business Development Advisory Committee

The committee shall advise and make recommendations to Town Council on matters related to economic development which include but are not limited to economic development incentives through state and town resources, current business climate, business attraction and retention, marketing opportunities and other initiatives that may promote economic development.

Grant Committee

The Mountain Village Town Council appoints two members of the community and two members of Town Council to serve on the Mountain Village Grant Committee review grant applications each year.

Telluride Regional Airport Authority Board

The Mountain Village Town Council appoints three regular and one alternate board members to represent Mountain Village on the Telluride Regional Airport Authority Board. Representatives must be registered Mountain Village electors.

Public Art Commission

In June 2022, the Mountain Village Town Council unanimously approved the creation of the Public Art Commission. Two seats shall be filled by a Town Council member and staff member, two members shall be an artist or arts professional, and one member shall be from the public at large.

Plaza Vending Committee

The Plaza Vending Committee is responsible for approving and assigning the location, design, and use of plaza vending, and evaluating that such activities contribute to the vibrancy of the Town's Village Center plazas. The Committee also develops and recommends Plaza Vending Regulations for Town Council consideration and approval.