Sales Tax & Revenue Collection

Revenue Streams

As a municipality our revenue streams vary from the typical (think parking tickets) to the not-so-typical (enterprises such as Mountain Munchkins Child Care). Following is a more complete list of our revenue streams in no particular order.

  1. Business license fees (Proceeds from business license fees are distributed to Marketing Telluride, Inc. for regional and national marketing efforts, with a portion retained by us for administrative costs.)
  2. Liquor license fees
  3. Parking tickets & traffic fines
  4. Planning & Development Services Department fee schedule
  5. Community engagement fee schedule
  6. Mountain Munchkins child care
  7. Village Court Apartments
  8. Cable fees
  9. Water & sewer fees

Sales Tax Income

Sales tax income is a significant source of funding used to pay for community-wide services. We hope that you chose to dine, lodge and shop locally … the more you do, the better we may serve you. All sales in Mountain Village are accessed with an 8.65 percent sales tax, of which

  • One percent goes to San Miguel County.
  • 2.9 percent goes to the State of Colorado.
  • 4.5 percent goes to the Town of Mountain Village.
  • 0.25 percent goes to the Regional Transit Authority.

Above that, we collect a two percent restaurant tax and a four percent lodging tax, of which:

To see how we fare in terms of tax collection – current and historical – review our sales, lodging and restaurant tax collections document.