Municipal Code

The Municipal Code consolidates our general and permanent legislation and organizes it into a code of ordinances. The legislation is organized by topic (animals, business, etc.) or by department/title (administration and personnel, revenue and finance, etc.).

This allows government officials, constituents, staff and any other interested party to access our entire set of ordinances in one document with easy to find titles and sections pertinent to whatever topic they are interested in.

The entire Municipal Code is available online by clicking or tapping on any of the Municipal Code links found on this page. You may select from the list of titles and chapters. Simply click on a title to reveal its chapters. Next, click on the chapter to reveal the sections listed within the chapter.

This Municipal Code is updated monthly and is kept current with all effective legislation included. Ordinances being considered on first or second reading, when applicable, can be found on this specific Web page.

View Past Resolutions and Ordinances