Mayor's Office

Laila Benitez and her husband built their home in Mountain Village six years ago. Her Telluride story is a familiar one — After visiting the area often for more than 20 years, she and her husband Anton, gave up their careers in the medical industry to make their home in the place that made them the happiest. The work she has done in Mountain Village since moving here sets her apart and shows her sincere dedication to the community.

When they first moved here, Benitez had the opportunity to work for the Town of Mountain Village in the administration department, which allowed her to learn about the internal town operations. In hopes that this understanding, coupled with years of experience in the private sector, will allow her to serve our community thoughtfully and responsibly.

From her previous role at the town, she created her own marketing company helping business and community members alike. As her love for the community grew, she decided to run for a seat on town council two years ago, and in July of 2017, she was appointed the first female Mayor of Mountain Village by her fellow council members.

In her time on council, Benitez has worked to help get the San Miguel Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) on its feet and currently serves as a chair of the board. Benitez also serves on the town’s Community Grant Committee and the Transportation & Parking Committee.

With this achievement, Benitez adds, “I love Mountain Village, but I see us really as part of the entire region, and we’re stronger when we’re all working together.”

"We love the easy access to trails, open spaces, outdoor recreation, and most importantly, the tremendous sense of community." - Laila Benitez

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