Green Businesses

There are opportunities aplenty to green your business in Mountain Village.

Local businesses and companies can become green certified with the assistance of EcoAction Partners staff who will provide informed, quality recommendations to help you choose the best improvements for your facility. In turn, you can showcase your sustainability efforts just like these businesses and companies.

Additionally, San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) also offers to Totally Green program allowing businesses to set up a monthly automatic investment (1 cent per kWh), then utilizing renewable energy certificates which cover each participant's electricity with power generated from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric.


The Telluride/Mountain Village gondola has been totally green since 2008. Owned and operated by the Town of Mountain Village and largely funded by the Telluride Mountain Village Owner's Association, this unique transportation system has been operating on 100 percent renewable power for over a decade thanks to its purchase of SMPA Green blocks (the program forerunner of Totally Green.)

Town of Mountain Village Green Businesses