Green Team

The Green Team Advisory Board encourages the community to appreciate and preserve the natural world and to facilitate conservation efforts, share knowledge and resources and to advise the Mountain Village Town Council on matters related to environmental quality.


If you would like a courtesy notice regarding the Green Team meeting schedule or agendas please contact Lauren Kirn at to be added to the distribution list.

If you would like more information or have a question or comment regarding the Town of Mountain Village's environmental efforts, please submit the form below.

Upcoming Green Team Meetings

    Green Team Advisory Board

    • Cath Jett

      Term expires: Sept 2023

    • Jonathan Greenspan

      Jonathan Greenspan

    • Marla Meredith

      Committee Member

      Term expires: September 2022

    • Jonette Bronson

      Committee Member

      Term expires: September 2023

    • JD Wise

      J.D. Wise

      Economic Development & Sustainability Director

    • Lauren Kirn

      Staff Liaison