Cedar Shake Incentive

Our community continues to be proactive regarding wildfire hazard mitigation. In part, Town Council approved a Cedar Shake Incentive Fire Mitigation Program in collaboration with TMVOA as a funding partner.

Funding has doubled in 2020 and applications are NOW OPEN!

The Cedar Shake Incentive Fire Mitigation Program provides a complete fee waiver towards the building permit fee when you re-roof your home or building from cedar shake shingles to town-approved fire-rated roofing material. Applicants are eligible for waiving 100 percent of their building permit fee, excluding county use tax, until Cedar Shake Incentive funds are exhausted. Most home insurance providers will offer up to 10 percent in savings if your home’s roofing material is fire-rated. Once your work is completed, your insurance provider can offer you a new estimate.

To increase your home or building’s survival rate to near 99 percent when threatened with wildfire risk, combine our Cedar Shake Incentive with the Wildfire Mitigation/Defensible Space Incentive Program. Take defensive action and create defensible space around your home or building. Please visit that incentive program’s webpage for more information.

Complete the following steps to apply:

  1. Submit a Design Review Process Application for approval to re-roof your home or building from Cedar Shake, and Shingle to a Town of Mountain Village approved fire-rated roofing material.
  2. Submit a Town of Mountain Village Building Permit upon approval of your Design Review Process Application (and pay your building permit).
  3. Lastly, submit your Cedar Shake Fire Mitigation Fee Waiver Form to be eligible for reimbursement of 100 percent of your building permit fee, excluding county use tax.

Approved Licensed Roofing Contractors

Contractor NameCompany EmailICC Cert. Type Telephone Number
Calvin IndaAll SteelRoofing(970) 596-0446
Ryan WilkinsonAMCAT Construction RoofingRoofing(970) 799-6759
Melissa LittlejohnElk Mountain Property CareRoofing(970) 258-0437
Alejandro Chavez‐GuerreroHorn Brothers Roofing IncRoofing(303) 356-8545
Jaime BaltazerJNB RoofingRoofing(970) 209-0148
Scott Sanburg Kuboske IncRoofing(970) 240-8012
Armando CoronadoPro ServicesRoofing(970) 209-2224
Bryan WengerStone Ridge Roofing & SidingRoofing(970) 249-7663

Have questions?

For more information, please contact our Planning and Development Department by email or at (970)369-8242.