Compost Incentive Program

Town of Mountain Village (TMV) is currently working to reach a Zero Waste goal by 2025 which means reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills in our community.

The Composting Incentive Program supports TMV’s zero waste goal by incentivizing Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Hotels, and multi-unit facilities (this program excludes individual homeowner) to educate themselves about how to keep food scraps, yard trimmings, and food-soiled paper out of the landfill through TMV’s financial support for the purchase, installation, and operation of a compost unit(s) for these facilities. The compost generated can then amend local soils for use in gardens and landscaping beds.

Food and yard waste can take up as much as 30 percent of your trash bin. By composting, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill, and help the Mountain Village community achieve our zero waste goals. To facilitate the composting process, Mountain Village’s Green Team Committee has worked with EcoAction Partners and Town Council to enact a community-driven incentive rebate program that will allow local businesses, restaurants, hotels and neighborhood Homeowners Associations (HOA) to receive rebates for the installation of a composting system.

How Does This Work?

Mountain Village’s Compost Incentive Program works as a rebate to the consumer and is available for Homeowner Associations (HOAs), multi-unit residential or mixed-use buildings, hotels, restaurants and local businesses. The rebate is available for 100 percent of the compost unit purchase up to a $5,000 maximum spend. A portion of the funds may be used for composting equipment, infrastructure, advertising & marketing, and consulting experts.

Submit your Application

To receive a composting program rebate, please fill out the Compost Incentive Rebate Program Application. Return applications to Zoe Dohnal, at 455 Mountain Village Blvd, Suite A or by email.

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