Smart Building Incentive Program

In 2015, the Town of Mountain Village adopted the Smart Building Incentive Program allowing property owners to waive up to 100 percent of building permit fees.

With the intent to reduce the amount of energy and greenhouse gas emissions produced in our community, any resident or business owner renovating, expanding or building onto their property can participate in the Smart Building Incentive Program.

How Does This Work?

There are three owner incentives that can be used individually or collectively toward a building permit fee discount. If all three of the owner incentives listed below are accomplished collectively for efficient home design, 100 percent of the project's building permit fees will be waived. This could be a savings of tens of thousands of dollars!

Applicants will follow the standard building permit procedures. Smart building initiatives must be shown within the building permit application. Once the application has been approved, the appropriate fees will be waived.

Create a Smart Building Design

Incentive Options

Complete incentives individually or collectively.

  1. Renewable Energy. A 20% building permit fee discount shall be provided when (1) there is no exterior energy use; AND (2) at least 20% of the estimated energy use is offset by a renewable energy source.
  2. Roof Design. Roofs are designed to function in this climate without the need for snowmelt systems and with snow and ice fall safety measures (protected entries) Roofs free of snowmelt systems are eligible for a 20% building permit fee discount. This would apply to new buildings and additions only (the rebate only applies to the portion of the permit that includes new square footage), and designs that meet this requirement must be approved by the Building Official.
  3. Exterior Energy Use. Buildings designed with no exterior energy use elements other than lighting are eligible for an additional 15% building permit fee discount. When this rebate is awarded, a covenant shall be recorded for the property with the town, acknowledging the acceptance of the owner’s forfeit of right to install any exterior energy use items after obtaining the CO for a period of fifty years. If during this period after CO it is found that exterior energy use items are desired by the owner and installed, the awarded rebate pertaining to exterior energy use shall be returned to Mountain Village per the terms of the agreement.
  4. Interior Energy Use HERS Rating. Buildings designed with a HERS rating below 50 are eligible for a building permit fee discount. The discount calculation begins at a HERS rating of 50. A new building with a HERS rating of 50 would pay 100% of the building permit fee. The building permit fee would be reduced proportionately with the percentage reduction in the HERS rating. For instance, a HERS score of 25 is a 50% reduction in the building permit fee. A HERS score of 53 would result in a 100% building permit fee discount. HERS ratings can be lowered by either on-site or off-site solar photovoltaic systems.