Smart Irrigation Controls

The premise behind our Smart Irrigation Controls Incentive Program is to help you use only the water you need to achieve the desired results on your property. Globally, water is becoming an increasingly scarce and precious resource, and water use data indicates that water conservation efforts may be most effective during the summer irrigation season when a drastic increase in water usage occurs for landscaping purposes. Although we absolutely support using enough water to keep your lawns healthy and flowers blooming, we want to encourage the smart use of water that incorporates local weather data to ensure only the necessary amount of water is being used.

This incentive program is open until funds are exhausted, and is for Mountain Village, Ski Ranches and West Meadows residents only.

Technology is helping us reduce waste in efficient ways while conserving resources. In this case the technology is WaterSense®, certified smart irrigation control products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Replace your outdated irrigation control system with a WaterSense® product which includes weather-sensing capabilities, and we will reward you with a rebate up to $500. For more information, please contact JD Wise at (970) 369-8235.

How They Work

Smart irrigation controllers use real-time local weather data, including humidity, air temperature, wind speed, soil moisture, solar radiation and rainfall to calculate evapotranspiration rates and automatically adjust irrigation watering accordingly. Technology for such controls is advancing rapidly. There are currently several irrigation controls that carry the EPA WaterSense® label and incorporate local weather data to determine the amount of water needed for different irrigation zones.

Most smart irrigation controllers either connect to the Internet to gather weather data from a nearby weather station or collect real-time weather data from an onsite station on your property. Some of these controllers can be monitored over the Internet and the settings controlled remotely, while others can be linked to other “smart” devices in your home. With a smart irrigation controller, your plants and lawn get the water they need, without being over or under watered.

Install a Smart Irrigation Controller

Select a WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller. We encourage you to consult with your landscape or irrigation professional to select a WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller that best suits your irrigation needs.. Additionally, contact J.D. Wise for a site visit.

  1. Purchase and install a WaterSense® labeled irrigation controller on your Mountain Village property. Please note, this incentive program does not cover the cost of installation.
  2. Submit the Smart Irrigation Controls Incentive Program application so we may issue you a check for the full amount of the controller, up to $500, and realize a savings year after year.