Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Harness the power of the sun

Interested in installing solar on your property, but not sure where to begin? Mountain Village is now partnering with Solar United Neighbors and Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association to bring a money-saving solar energy co-op to our residents. Participants will also receive a $2,500 rebate for installation. Additional funds will be available to deed-restricted properties, up to $5,000 total rebate.


Deadline to participate: May 15

*This incentive program is open until funds are exhausted, and is for Mountain Village homes and business owners only.

Participation in our Solar Energy Incentive Program is easy! Offset a portion of your home or business energy use with a renewable energy source. The Town of Moutain Village and Solar United Neighbors will be there to assist along the way.

The first 20 properties to sign up for Solar United Neighbor's co-op will receive a $2,500 rebate from Mountain Village when a solar array is installed. Additional incentive funds are available for deed-restricted properties, up to a $5,000 total rebate.

If a member waives their rebate, the funding will be contributed to the deed-restricted housing rebate fund

Package our Solar Energy Incentive Program with a 26 percent Federal Solar Incentive Tax Credit and up to a $750 cash rebate from San Miguel Power for maximum savings.

We Average 300 Days of Sunshine Annual, Let’s Use it


Sign Up for Solar United Co-op

Co-op issues RFP for installers and selects best bid for members.

Sign a contract with installer and install your new solar system!

Receive a $2,500 rebate ($5,000 total rebate for deed-restricted housing.)

How much does solar cost?

*deed-restricted properties are eligible for a rebate up to $5000 Solar United and San Miguel Power
Savings assumptions: Customer of SMPA on General Service – Nondemand rate schedule; 2% annual inflation of utility’s price per kWh; year one utility rate of $0.134725/kWh; solar array oriented due south (180 degrees of azimuth); 20 degrees of pitch; roof-mounted array with premium modules; 20% system losses; insolation value of 1,455/kWh/kW/yr.

For questions please contact Zoe Dohnal.