Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Harness the power of the sun

Interested in installing solar on your property, but not sure where to begin? In 2024, Mountain Village is bringing solar energy incentives to our residents. 

Participation in our Solar Energy Incentive Program is easy! Offset a portion of your home energy use with solar arrays and receive a financial incentive when installation is complete. The Town of Mountain Village will be there to assist along the way.

Participants will receive a $2,500 rebate for installation. Additional funds will be available to deed-restricted properties for an additional $2,500, up to a $5,000 total rebate. Rebates are available on a first-come-first-serve basis until program funds are expended.

Package our Solar Energy Incentive Program with a 30 percent Federal Solar Incentive Tax Credit and up to a $300 cash rebate from San Miguel Power for maximum savings.

We Average 300 Days of Sunshine Annual, Let’s Use it


Sign a contract with a solar installer and install your new solar system!

Submit the Solar Energy Incentive Program application.

Receive a $2,500 rebate ($5,000 total rebate for deed-restricted housing.)

SMPA's Net Metering and Rebate: Impact to Your Energy Bill

San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) is available to answer questions about solar energy, your electricity bill, and net metering requirements for solar connection to SMPA. More information about net metering can be found at this link:

Additionally, SMPA currently offers a rebate of $0.10 per watt up to $300. More information on the rebate can be found at this link: Renewable Rebates | San Miguel Power Association, Inc. (

Contact SMPA at

Solar Installers

In order to work in Mountain Village, solar installers must be on the Town’s approved, licensed contractors list. In 2024, the following solar installers are approved to work in Mountain Village to date:

  • Alternative Power

  • Atlasta Solar Center

  • Big Dog Renewable Energy

  • CAM Electric

  • Skyline Solar LLC

  • Sundance Solar Designs, LLC

This list is subject to change.

Talk With Our Staff

If you are interested in installing a solar system on your home, contact a registered and certified Colorado solar professional or electrician to obtain a competitive bid. At any time during the solar research and purchase process, you are more than welcome to contact us by completing the on-page form; we will be sure to get back to you within one business day. Once your system is installed, make sure you submit the solar energy incentive program application to receive your rebate.

Own Your Power

When you install a solar system, you lower your energy consumption and utility bill, protect yourself from rising energy costs, and up your chances of never getting caught in the dark again.

For questions please contact .

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