Forest Health & Fire Mitigation

Our forests are a valuable resource for Mountain Village. The Town's Planning Department is responsible for reviewing all proposed development within town limits to ensure compliance with all fire mitigation and forest health requirements. 

Property owners should be aware of the following three perspectives when it comes to fire mitigation on their property:

  • New construction development is required to have a wildfire mitigation plan as outlined by the Community Development Code. (This activity is not eligible for Defensive Space Incentive Program funding.)
  • Mountain Village encourages property owners to voluntarily implement the CDC wildfire mitigation standards (zone 1, 2 and 3 standards - pages 183 & 184 of the CDC). Implementation of these standards may help property owners to reduce their insurance costs.
  • For existing properties, please visit our defensible space incentive webpage to learn about financial incentives for creating defensible space around your home

Our forester is available for a free consultation on forest health, defensible space, hazard trees and forest management. Contact our staff forester Rodney Walters at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or call (970) 369-8603.

San Miguel County 2019 Forest Assessment

Dr. Jason Sibold has been monitoring and pondering the forest ecology of the Upper San Miguel River Watershed for a decade. Watch Dr. Sibold's 35-minute 2019 update presentation to learn more about the forests and climate of our upper watershed.