Long Term Plaza Use

Use of Mountain Village Plazas for an Extended Period

The Town of Mountain Village offers the means to gain business and tourist traffic by permitting the use of public plazas! Utilize the Town’s plaza by submitting a simple Long Term Plaza Use Application. We, at the Town, want to provide the space to help our local businesses thrive.

What Constitutes as “Long-Term Plaza Use?

“Plaza use” is any use of the exterior surfaces of the plaza areas designed for the enjoyment of the public contributing to the character and feel of the plaza areas. There are three types of long-term plaza uses:
General plaza uses include, but are not limited to, ski valet racks, heat lamps, plaza furniture, umbrellas, lighting, trash and recycling receptacles, ski bicycle and storage racks, media racks, tent sales, plaza art, outdoor display of merchandise, display vehicles or other uses determined by Town of Mountain Village staff.

Outdoor dining and seating areas areas are tables, chairs, umbrellas, planters, barriers, signage and lighting placed in plaza areas for the purpose of increasing the capacity of the café, delicatessen, dining or similar establishment for the proprietor and customers.

Temporary/special uses include but are not limited to a tent, yurt, trailer, construction building or tent that will remain for a specified period of time as determined by Town Council.

Long Term Plaza FAQ

The Town of Mountain Village adopted PLAZA USE STANDARDS to achieve well-designed plaza uses. The standards will be used in reviewing plaza uses for conformity with the overall objectives of the Town of Mountain Village design regulations. This, along with the Community Development Code (CDC) 17.5.15, are the guidelines when accepting proposed long-term plaza use applications.

  • Depending on the application and process requirements, an approval can take up to 90 days from submission.
  • Most applicants are given plaza license agreements within 30 days of application submittal. This agreement shall be executed between the applicant and the Town before the requested plaza use is permitted.

What are the Application Steps?

APPLICATIONS must submit completed Long-Term Plaza Use Application and all required supplemental documentation to Zoe Dohnal (970) 369 – 8236

APPLICATION FEE is to be paid online or by check mailed by CERTIFIED MAIL or personally delivered to 455 Mountain Village Blvd, Mountain Village CO, 81435 made out to Town of Mountain Village. This fee does not encompass any additional permit, licensing fees, or fees related to the requested use of Town property or Town services.

  • Application fee – $250
  • Renewal fee – $50 is renewed prior to license expiration, $250 if renewed after. It is the responsibility of the licensee to begin the renewal processes.
  • Non-profit – Fee may be waived at the Town’s discretion. Please submit a copy of your non-profit status when requesting fee waiver.

  • Long Term Plaza Use Fees

NOTE: Larger scale plaza use or building will require a separate application, such as a Conditional Use Permit Application along with a Long Term Plaza Use Application. Visit the Town of Mountain Village Planning Resource for additional guidance.

After the applicant has submitted a complete application to the Community Engagement Department which contains all information determined necessary and collecting the required submittal requirements, a plaza license agreement will be drafted.

Once submitted and reviewed – a plaza license agreement will be sent for signature.

  • The applicant is responsible for thoroughly reading and understanding contractually bonding license agreement.
  • Once a signed plaza license agreement and a completed application with all supporting documents have been received by the Town of Mountain Village to [email protected] (970) 708 – 8236, a plaza license agreement will be sent out for referral and Town approval.

The Town of Mountain Village Town Manager will review and sign plaza license agreement creating a fully executed document.

Applicants will receive completed application along with a fully executed plaza license agreement back for records.

If the applicant would like to simply renew a past agreement with no changes, an updated plaza license agreement will be drafted, and the standard renewal fee will apply. If the applicant is requesting any alterations a new application is required.

  • Terms for plaza license agreements may be between 1 to 3 years. It is the responsibility of the applicant to renew the agreement. Renewal charges reflect expiration dates.
  • Certificates of Insurance expire on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide up-to-date insurance records.

Application Documents

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