Lost and Found

All cameras, cell phones, purses, wallets or items deemed to have a value of $50 or more are turned in to the Mountain Village Police Department within 24 hours of being found. Lost and Found routing forms are submitted with each individual item turned in. All other items, including skis, will remain in the gondola station in which they were found until the end of the day.

All unclaimed items will be gathered and brought to San Sophia Station. To check if an item is being held at the San Sophia Station, dial (970) 729-3435 and a gondola operator supervisor will assist you.

Property held by the Mountain Village Police Department that is unclaimed after a minimum of 90 days will be donated to a charitable organization.

Property recovered on the ski mountain is turned in to Telluride Ski Resort’s Guest Services, (970) 728-7575.

If you are unsure where you lost an item, please call the Police Department so they know who to call if the item is turned in.

You can reach the Mountain Village Police Department front desk during business hours (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) at (970) 728-9281.