Dan Caton

Dan Caton

Position: Council Member

What brought you here?
My wife, Liz, and I had skied all over the U.S. and elsewhere but had rarely visited ski resorts in the summer. So we took a driving tour of many of the Rocky Mountain ski towns in the summer of 2008, anticipating that we might want to move to one of them. All were very nice, but when we drove into Telluride and stayed at The Peaks in Mountain Village, our decision was made. How could a place so beautiful, so welcoming, with so many kinds of recreation (and, frankly, so dog-supportive) not be the place we want to live?

What motivated you to run for Town Council?
I believe we Mountain Village residents are going to be under increasing pressure as the economy improves to respond to new opportunities for our community. Some of those opportunities will improve the recreational, environmental, and economic situation; some will challenge what we love and perhaps overwhelm us. I wanted to join forces with the talented people already working on these issues to make sure we increase vitality and economic health without losing the special nature of the place.

Describe one of your goals and objectives for Mountain Village.
To strike the right balance of development and preservation. With a new medical center, new and upgraded projects in the core and beyond, increased entertainment and recreational options, and additional workforce housing, we need to work hard to maintain the unique environment we’ve built. We should always improve but never ignore what has made us special.

What challenges you most about being an elected official?
The measured, deliberate (meaning slow) decision making. It’s essential and required or we might not hear all voices, but I’ll need to dial back my impulse to act.

Name a random fact about yourself.
I love music and play guitar, drums, and piano–all badly.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Skiing, hiking, golf, reading, practicing guitar, keeping up with current events and politics. Most important: working to lure my sons and grandchildren to this beautiful place and, on the occasions when that fails, traveling to visit them.

What is the best way for your constituents to communicate with you?
I always prefer face-to-face, and will share a coffee or beer when I can. Otherwise, phone calls, texts, or email are all good to start a conversation.

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