Douglas Tooley

2023 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

Geographic Information Systems serving a variety of public uses including land use, environmental, assessors, census, and elections. I allege my career was ended for political reasons by an associate of Microsoft's law firm for my use of electronic data in public communications and decision-making.

I have an honor's degree in Economics from the University of Washington, along with Phi Beta Kappa. My thesis was on labor market supply from higher ed in the electronics industry of Massachusetts circa Lotus 1-2-3 and the Dukakis presidential campaign.

I have worked in a variety of other fields including property management, outdoor recreation, forest restoration, and local delivery including 2.5 years as a UPS Teamster, Seattle Local 174.

I have been disabled since 2008.

Length of time as Town Resident:

9 years at Village Court Apartments.

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

Extensively active in Seattle neighborhood and regional issues, Editor of the Vision Seattle newsletter and three-term Secretary of the Madrona Community Council spanning from the minority Central District to the upscale Lake Washington waterfront. Consistently sought a balance between single-family residential, multi-family, and small business frequently in opposition to Downtown Seattle.

Close of follower of local municipal and county issues since 2015.

Former KOTO radio host and commentator.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

My ability to participate in local issues as an extensively informed and fiscally literate citizen has been blocked. This campaign will allow me to speak constructively, though definitely critically of larger economic interests and their supporters.

I have been a political independent since the mid 90's when i concurrently worked on both the 1996 Nader Presidential Campaign and successfully opposing a Downtown Seattle led property condemnation effort in a mostly Republican small and mid-size business district South of Lake Union.

I believe both political parties have failed us greatly and that we can see those failures here in San Miguel County. I have personally and financially been greatly impacted by these failings, my campaign is in part making my case in this regard - and against the too big to fail here in Mountain Village and the region.

Other Information You Want to Include:

Our current system has failed us, good government is finding a productive and respectful balance between public and private interests. Our partisan process has turned both of these goals into an exercise of extreme divisiveness that threatens the very existence of our species.

We must all step up to address these issues in a constructive manner not rely on questionable legal authority and those they have allowed to serve in positions of public authority.

Current Council members Marti Prohaska and Peter Duprey have a great opportunity to lead, in stark contrast to the previous failings of Dan Jansen and Leila Benitez. Hopefully there will be other candidates that also have this ability to see past the partisan blinders.

I look forward to resuming my service to this community and region with this next leadership, regardless of whether I win or lose.

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