Douglas Tooley

2021 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

I chose to work in the civil service tech field of geographic information systems after completing an honors thesis on tech and higher ed at the University of Washington. This career choice avoided perceived corruption problems in the economic development profession. My career was subsequently ended by my graduate program via an associate of Bill Gates Sr, while working full time in my field for the large Seattle area County, King.

I have also worked as a river guide, tree planter, Alaskan fish processor, apartment manager(just like the movie Singles!), environmental intern at the City of Bellevue automating their standardized mitigating measure system, and as a tax year update employee for Accountants Microsystems. After leaving professional employment I worked as a contract driver and also spent 2.5 years working for UPS.

After my professional career I continued my civic avocation with big data and big picture analytical skills. Hopefully you have seen these skills in action recently and locally, perhaps on KOTO.

I had a disability associated foreclosure in 2010, at which time I relocated to Durango. Since then I have had the opportunity to travel widely in the SW and read extensively. Generally, I've oriented my readings on science within a comprehensive, integrated, framework.

Length of time as Town Resident:

Since 2014.

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

Editor, Vision Seattle Newsletter, Secretary Madrona Community Council (with a bigger population than Mountain Village!). Successfully lobbied for neighborhood planning in Seattle via a team of three Vision Seattle board members including coordination with neighborhood business districts. Participated in a combined at large/district Seattle Council restructuring initiative that was eventually passed as drafted by my grad school advisor and funded by a neighborhood business district real estate owner. Richard Conlin, a Madrona Council board member featured in the local documentary Bag It, would go on to serve as Seattle Council President.

Successfully advocated for a light rail line serving the University of Washington. Founded the student chapter of the Washington Software Association. Organized outreach for a regional planning effort at the University of Washington.

Campaign volunteer, Adams for Senate, Seattle Mayor(Street and Chong), No on Seattle Commons, and 1996 Ralph Nader Presidential.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

Somewhat tragically my greatest leverage results from holding a broad portfolio of legal cause of action. I do not expect to win, but I do believe I can make a constructive contribution while making my case, which has been improperly blocked locally.

During the 2014 proposed Mountain Village Medical Center process I suggested a compromise solution and was attacked as one of the 'Hateful Eight'. Balancing development and community interests is not NIMBYism. The senatorial involvement in this issue was educational, very similar to the opposing party's senate involvement in the field engineering practices of Hays Griswold, which I also clearly opposed in San Miguel County. Mr Griswold is best known for his related Gold King mine work.

Recent Mountain Village housing planning and development efforts have failed and we need appropriate accountability. One solution would be to merge TMV and Telluride while preserving a restructured design review board/TMVOA, if cost savings can be obtained. The 2027 Gondola financing issue may be the way to do this.

I believe the ski area should be 60% employee owned with 20% each to public and private stakeholders, preserving most of the existing management structure. The golf operation should be divested and placed under control of its members. Bike park evolution must be watched including preserving historical access to public trail. The Peaks, beside housing the golf club, should have a medical clinic comparative in size to Telluride, a community rec center, and workforce housing.

Although this seat is non-partisan I am running as a decidedly anti-partisan unaffiliated candidate. We need to purge this area of the Punch and Judy partisan control freak puppet show by getting rid of the responsible, failed, 1%, the hateful 80 of San Miguel County.

Other Information You Want to Include:

US Whitewater Slalom Team, 1980, numerous Oregon first descents, contributor to club written State guidebook, still in print after nearly 40 years. Traveled in Nepal and India at 18 including the Annapurna circuit trek the second year it was open.

Obtained minor, youthful, notoriety in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa before the age of 20.

While at Hampshire College published a collection of material concerning S African Divestment, 1983, also organized early Rave in association with the Supreme Dicks, 1985

Promoter of numerous regional free campsites, active in Van life/Nomad Communities.

Archaeology Steward in the USFS portions of Bear's Ears National Monument.