Dustin Clements

2021 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

Head of Production for Telluride Distilling Company with 15 years of experience in the local service industry.

Length of Time as Town Resident:

11 years in Mountain Village. 15 years in the region.

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

With no formal political experience, yet years in the community, I am uniquely qualified to represent those with a lesser heard voice.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

As a long-time resident of Mountain Village, I would like to have the opportunity to give back to the place I call home. There is a need for representation for the working class and those who want to live here without owning property, and I feel that I am capable of filling that role. As Mountain Village continues to grow, our community is in particular need of a candidate that represents the interests of all.

Other Information You Want to Include:

My time here has been spent primarily in the service industry. I began as a ski tech before moving to kitchen work, and currently work in alcohol production and sales. As a private chef I have had the pleasure of meeting and developing relationships with many of our second homeowners, as well as full-time residents. I helped lead Telluride Distilling Company’s move into the Mountain Village core which has brought a certain vitality to that area. Working in many of the restaurants throughout town has allowed me to establish working relationships within the heart and soul of the service industry.

As a member of town council my main priority would be to bring a voice to the members of our community who are not always heard. The representation of those who do not own property or businesses would be my primary concern. The continued issue of affordable housing would also be at the forefront of my agenda.

The development of independent business is also of great importance to me. The interests of our local businesses are instrumental in sustaining our economic vitality. Having witnessed the Mountain Village transform from a sleepy seasonal town to a bustling and vibrant year-round community, I would like that growth to continue.

The importance of all interest groups working together and being represented cannot be understated. As a candidate, I would work to keep all groups united and focused on the best interests of our community. Service workers, merchants, Telski, and second homeowners are all part of this great place, and by working together, we can maintain our efforts towards being one of the greatest mountain communities in

With gratitude, I look forward to having the opportunity to run for a seat on town council; and, if elected, the gift of helping to shape our home for years to come.

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