Jack Gilbride

2021 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

Currently, I serve on the following boards: State of Colorado Venture Capital Authority which is making a real difference in improving and diversifying job opportunities and entrepreneurial activity, particularly in Colorado's rural and undeserved areas and with undeserved groups; Region 10 which provides a large number of support services for businesses, seniors and communities in San Miguel and five other western Colorado Counties; I represent the Town of Mountain Village on the Board of the Colorado Flights Alliance which leads economic development on Colorado's western slope through air service development and corresponding marketing programs; and MUNIRevs which among many other clients nationwide, provides the Colorado Department of Revenue with the system to collect sales tax from corporate payers.

I also serve on the Loan Committee of the San Juan Regional Loan Fund and the Region10 Business Loan Committee.

Prior activity included: Executive Advisor and member of the Investment Committee of the Telluride Venture Fund; Chairman and CEO of Houston based CBR Information Group which provided data collection services to the Federal government and large corporate clients; Co-Founder and CEO of Atlanta based INTEGRATEC which provided operational support for major credit card issuer. Prior to that, I held a variety of sales, operating and financial positions. I am a graduate of the City University of New York and have an MBA from the Marshall School of the University of Southern California.

Length of Time as Town Resident:

10 years.

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

I have served on the Mountain Village Town Council for the last four years and currently serve on the Finance, Telluride Conference Center and Technology Committees. The Technology Committee, which resulted primarily from the efforts of Patrick Berry and myself, is new and it accomplished the hiring of a very capable Chief Technology Officer, a new fiber to homes and businesses program, a much-improved home entertainment offering and, most importantly, a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Although these days there is never enough cybersecurity defense.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

While much has been accomplished by the current Council, there are significant issues that remain. We face a number of projects, many of which will be quite costly: a large expansion of our Village Court Apartments community housing complex, which is much needed; a significant upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant that we jointly own with Telluride; the future capital needs and management of the gondola; updating our Comprehensive Plan and many other important items.

I would like to continue to be part of the solution for these and the other opportunities for improvement that Mountain Village currently faces, and those that we will face over the next four years.

Other Information You Want to Include:

This is our permanent, full-time home. So it is very important to Judy, my wife, and I that it be as good a community as it can be. This is a very special place with very special opportunities and very special challenges. We are a resort town and that is one of the opportunities and challenges. In addition to the individual issues of our Mountain Village community, we are part of a complex regional management structure with important government and non-government entities that must find ways to work together for the benefit of all, if anything is to be accomplished. Our Town Council, Telski, TMVOA, Town of Telluride and San Miguel County must find ways to work their individual interests and agendas for the common good of the area. I believe that I can help that process.

My wife,Judy, and I have four grown children who live in Montrose, Houston and San Antonio. The younger two had the privilege of spending all, or part, of their high school years here.

We do take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities available in the region. We enjoy skiing, hiking and 4 wheeling in our jeep on the many old mining trails. Our Labrador is a very, very big fan of hiking.