Jack Gilbride

Jack Gilbride

What brought you here?
My wife, Judy, and I were looking for a ski town that we could enjoy visiting on a regular basis. My faulty timing brought us here right after the mountain closed. There was nothing to do so we stopped into the school just to get some information. At that time, we had a son and a daughter in, or about to be in, high school. Soon the Superintendent asked us into her office. Then the Principal came in. Then the Athletic Director came in. We were very impressed with all of them. My wife spoke to the children and they were up for an adventure….. for a year. That was almost seven years ago.

What motivated you to run for Town Council?
This is our permanent, full-time home. I want to do whatever I can to help make it even better. While I have been active in, and support, the work of the Telluride Foundation, the Elks Lodge and other charitable efforts, public service is also very important. I felt that if I had the opportunity to serve, I should.

Describe one of your goals and objectives for Mountain Village.
While we will always be a premier resort community first, we will all be better off if we can create more of a year-round economy. Creating more opportunities for individuals to have good paying, full-time employment and for shops and restaurants to be able to stay open year-round is important.

What challenges you most about being an elected official?
It is a new experience and environment for me, so I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have had a chance to meet several of the Town Staff and am very impressed. So much help is available to get me through the new challenges.

Name a random fact about yourself.
When I sang in the Gramercy Boys Glee Club in the South Bronx, I was on several nationally televised quiz shows to raise money for the Boys Club.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Skiing, walking our silver Lab, picnicking at Alta lakes and 4wheeling in our Jeep on the old mining roads.

What is the best way for your constituents to communicate with you?
Email is the best way.

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