Marti Prohaska

Marti Prohaska

Position: Town Council Member

Martinique Davis Prohaska

What brought you here?

I moved to Mountain Village in 1992 with my parents, Jim & Sheila Wells, when I was 12. I went to High School in Telluride, and after college graduation returned to work for the Ski Patrol and eventually bought a house in the Meadows.

What motivated you to run for Town Council?

I feel I bring a unique perspective, having grown up not just in Telluride but Mountain Village specifically. I am raising my own school-aged daughters here and want them to feel engaged in and inspired by their community, and a good way to do that is through civic service.

Describe one of your goals or objectives for Mountain Village.

I would like to see our community be a leader in sustainability. I’d like to see us continually exploring opportunities to support green business initiatives as well as promote community-wide culture shifts that will position us to be prepared for the new future of eco-tourism.

What challenges you most about being an elected official?

Honestly? Organizing my time! I work full-time, am a volunteer advocate for the SMRC, sit on the MV Green Team and Eco-Action and Telluride Historical Museum boards… and I’m a mom. I strive to find balance in all these endeavors but find I am most productive when busy.

Name a random fact about yourself.

I worked for a ski patrol in France the winter before I ran for office.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Skiing with my husband, hiking with my kids and trail running with my dog.

What is the best way for your constituents to communicate with you?


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